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What the Neo old pagans get wrong in their critique against Christians
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Christ is King

The Church is Israel

Fake Israel was founded by the Rothschilds not Jesus

We are the seed of Abraham

The false messiah the others are waiting on is the anti-Christ

Christ was the Third Temple

Antisemitism isn't real, neither is racism, gender, or female priests

Hate and bigotry are prohibited by Jesus of His flock

We are the covenant keepers

We are persecuted because He was first

Jews lynched Jesus, Romans executed the law

Our sins put him there which is the greatest burden

Rome lives on through the reverse merger of Christianity, the re-author of Western Civilization

Moses, Adam, Noah, David, Isaiah, Enoch, Eve, Esther, Ruth, Mary, Mary worship Jesus Christ

Mother Mary is our Mother too

Paul and Peter found agreement so we have a Church

Paul and Jesus are treated by Judas' by modern Jews

Selah & Amen
You cannot vote your way to Heaven.

There is no democracy in Heaven.

The liars are lying so that you will have false hope, false profits, under false prophets.
More young men joining the Church tomorrow. Grateful God has used me (a clumsy public tool) to prod more and more to join His Church (also known as the true Israel). Gets me emotional twice a year. My journey is imperfect and incomplete and this is a reminder that God works regardless of where we are.

Come Home.

You have a birthright waiting to be claimed. You were lied to.
Have a blessed Good Friday, sisters and brothers. Free invite to all but we are the chosens! Amen
"I’m at the stage in life where I stay out of arguments. Even if you say 1+1=5, you’re right. Have fun."

Keanu Reeves
MeToo has been industrialized
LORD help us.
I aspire to be charitable to all. ❤️
FINALLY someone asking the right questions!
INTERNAL LEAK: The Daily Wire exposed as anti-Christian, fighting for the left-wing racial grievance industry.
What if social media was just everyone logging in their work toward something great and collaborations on share projects.

And none of this talking about each other distraction stuff.
Great thread. Daily Wire's PR nightmare subsidized and ignored by the "liberal media."

Simple question: why?

I thought the left hated the right?
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