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Sydney based media personality Simeon Boikov takes to the air offering his perspective on local and international affairs for Sputnik News.

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US, UK, Australia want expanded AUKUS to combat China - FT

The young alliance wants to add more members, with Washington eyeing up Japan to join, in an attempt to deter the supposed Chinese threat, according to an FT report.

The current members' defense ministers are set to announce the results of recent discussions on Monday, which are expected to include commitments to develop quantum computing, undersea, hypersonic, cyber and AI technologies, sources familiar with the situation told the outlet.

US President Joe Biden is set to meet Japanese PM Fumio Kishida on Wednesday.
❗️"Ukraine will lose the war if the US Congress does not approve more money" - Zelensky

❗️Volunteer fighters of the Terek Cossack brigade were awarded medals in the Lugansk People's Republic of Russia.

🎖The medals of the Lugansk People's Republic "For Courage" were presented to the fighters of the unit by the head of the republic, Leonid Pasechnik.

🤝Любо казаки! 💪🇷🇺

❗️⚡️ Местный бюрократ-функционер запрещает нашему журналисту Семёну Бойкову (@AussieCossack) находящемуся 480 дней в здании генконсульстве России в г. Сидней принимать посетителей, ссылаясь на "требования австралийской стороны".

Бойкову запрещают встречи даже со священниками и родственниками и незаконно ограничивают его в правах как гражданина России. Почему?
❗️Australia, it's OK to say NO to Ukraine. 😂
👇How it all started 10 years ago... 🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺
❗️Why has the Ukrainian Ambassador to Australia announced that Simeon Boikov aka @AussieCossack is "wanted by the AFP" (Australian Federal Police).

🇺🇦🇦🇺Is Ukraine's Ambassador Myroshnychenko aware of new federal charges which the AFP have for Aussie Cossack?
🇷🇺⚔️🇺🇦 It will be hilarious when we get pictures of Russian soldiers posing in front of this graffiti in Chasov Yar.

Soon... hopefully it doesn't get destroyed 🤞


❗️Zhirinovsky's last phone call has been published on the 2 year anniversary of his death. 😢

Chasov Yar

According to @rezervsvo, our fighters are advancing in the eastern part of the city.

Oleg Koshevoy Street and Gorbataya Street are being occupied.

@Slavyangrad | Inna 👋
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❗️Anti-Ukraine supply candidate wins Slovak presidential vote

Peter Pellegrini has won the Slovak presidential election with 53.85% of the votes, beating former Foreign Minister Ivan Korcok on about 46.14%, according to the Statistics Office after 98% of the votes had been confirmed.

In his victory speech, Pellegrini promised "to ensure that Slovakia remains on the side of peace and not on the side of war", while PM Robert Fico had previously supported him, calling him "a moderate candidate who understands the value of peace."
❗️An enemy go pro camera records the last moments before a Ukrainian squad is wiped out by a deadly accurate Russian strike.

❗️All over Russia today Vladimir Zhirinovsky was commemorated to mark 2 years since his death.

The US is warning allies that China has stepped up its support for Russia, including by providing geospatial intelligence, to help Moscow in it's Special Military Operation against Ukraine.

Amid signs of continued military integration between the two nations, China has provided Russia with satellite imagery for military purposes, as well as microelectronics and machine tools for tanks, according to people familiar with the matter.

China’s support also includes optics, propellants to be used in missiles and increased space cooperation, one of the people said.

The Biden administration previously warned Beijing not to provide Russia with weapons.

❗️Trump told CNN the war "would never have happened" if he had been president.

"All those dead people, both Russian and Ukrainian … they wouldn't be dead today," he said.

And he pledged: "I will have that war settled in one day, 24 hours."

He called Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy "one of the greatest salesmen in history".

"Every time he comes to the USA, he walks away with $50 or $60 billion."

Trump could also try to persuade the Russian and Ukrainian leaders to strike some kind of deal.

"I would get Putin into a room, I'd get Zelenskyy into a room, then I'd bring them together and I'd have a deal worked out," he told NBC.

❗️The United States, Japan, Australia and the Philippines will hold their first joint naval exercises, including anti-submarine warfare training, in a show of force against Beijing in the South China Sea.

⚡️The Philippines and Japan have separate territorial disputes with China over the East China Sea islands.

⚡️China has warned the U.S. not to intervene in the disputes, which have sparked fears of an escalation into a major conflict that could involve the two world powers.

🇦🇺Why is Australia poking China in the face?


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