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Here comes the Eclipse drop to end all Eclipse drops:
Jason Breshears Deep Dive on the April 8 2024 Eclipse (which is tomorrow! Monday!).
FOUR 2+ hour videos.
Deep original thinking by one of the Berserker maniacs of the Internet.

FIRST eclipse video: Signs of the Artificer:

SECOND eclipse video: Harbinger of the Second Seal

THIRD eclipse video: Counter-Psyops on America:

FOURTH eclipse video: The Moon: Learn What Others are Afraid to Know:

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Supposed Human sacrifice at CERN caught on film by young people spying by camera nearby. (32 seconds) Remember this? Something insanely satanic and evil is going on at CERN.
What was he doing there? Why? They will fire up CERN during the April 8th eclipse in order to help bring in their antiChrist and more of his legions of demons.
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You are a carbon-based lifeform. 12% of You, according to our mineral theory, consists of carbon. Carbon60 and Kohlbitr Charcoal are purified forms of carbon. Charcoal acts as a stypic when used on open wounds topically—it accelerates clotting. Carbon 60 and Charcoal are antiseptic as well.

Traditional C60 Olive Oil

Super antioxidant and Detoxifier par excellence Carbon 60 or C60 olive oil has been scientifically proven to reduce the effects of oxidation and aging, resulting in a longer lifespan for mammals.

KOHLBITR (Activated Charcoal):
(1 minute video with David🥑Wolfe)
108 cap size: http://bit.ly/BestCharcoalEver
1111 cap size: https://bit.ly/BestCharcoalEver-1111

Premium Grade Charcoal
Fully Quality Tested
Manufactured in the USA
Vegetarian capsules
100% Compostable Labels
Bio-Degradable Packaging

Carbon-60 Spray


World’s First!

David🥑Wolfe Carbon-60 Spray
This product is our solvent-free C60 SuperConcentrate in an oil-free spray form. The fast-acting antioxidant power of C60 becomes immediately available to the skin or teeth without any oil carrier.
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Serial Liar his entire life. (1 min 29 seconds)
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