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What a world
People still arguing about safe and effective?
Refer to about 7000 citations of harms, and growing.

Reason enough to #stoptheshots

Know what your children are doing.

Don’t eat garbage processed foods! Cereals are some of the worst. https://nypost.com/2024/02/15/business/80-of-americans-test-positive-for-chemical-found-in-cheerios-that-may-cause-infertility/?utm_campaign=nypost&utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social
End this mRNA platform. Period!
Another one of my “conspiracies” that they quietly admit?




AFTER the death rate in the USA plummeted to 0.2 in 100,000

Page 85 of the document.
Hail to all of my skeptical subscribers that have a healthy need to question “official” narratives!

Why do most kids have Eczema, food allergies and spectrum disorders now more than ever?
New updated Vax schedule- repugnant.


4th jab. Documentation of long term negative efficacy. No death protection benefit.

Effectiveness of a fourth SARS-CoV-2 vaccine dose in previously infected individuals from Austria

Results: Among 3,986,312 previously infected individuals, 281,291 (7,1%) had four and 1,545,242 (38.8%) had three vaccinations at baseline. We recorded 69 COVID-19 deaths and 89,056 SARS-CoV-2 infections. rVE for four versus three vaccine doses was -24% (95% CI: -120 to 30) against COVID-19 deaths, and 17% (95% CI: 14-19) against SARS-CoV-2 infections. This latter effect rapidly diminished over time and infection risk with four vaccinations was higher compared to less vaccinated individuals during extended follow-up until June 2023. Adjusted HR (95% CI) for all-cause mortality for four versus three vaccinations was 0.79 (0.74-0.85).

Discussion: In previously infected individuals, a fourth vaccination was not associated with COVID-19 death risk, but with transiently reduced risk of SARS-CoV-2 infections and reversal of this effect in longer follow-up.

All-cause mortality data suggest healthy vaccinee bias.

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The new Ebola vaccine. Sounds like a doozy!
At a pivotal moment, just 9 days after the CDC recommended the covid vax for adolescents, in May of 2021, they decided NOT to send an already-written alert about the risks of post-mRNA vax myocarditis.
Sending it might have changed the entire globe's vaccination strategy, particularly for adolescents & young adults. Many vaccine injuries could have been avoided, even deaths.

They chose to hide it.

The CDC prioritized drug manufacturers over Americans' rights to informed consent. They recommended not just 1 but 2 doses of mRNA vaccine for healthy adolescents & young adults, even after they had Covid- just why?

They chose to turn a blind eye and take unnecessary risks with the hearts and lives of young people.

This email is further evidence the CDC is a corrupt agency that we are paying to prioritize the pharmaceutical industry over the health of American people.
All you need to know about Nikki Haley
Their biggest fear, no?
If you know what you’re looking for, you find it. If you don’t want the truth, you don’t look!


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