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Move over anti-vaxxers. With the transmission of H5N1 via raw milk, Dr. Tam & her allies have created a new group to mock & target: anti-pasteurizers (a.k.a. “raw milk people”). You will be the next target for public health threats & vilification (if you aren’t already…)

“This Cult-owned, Gates-owned, corrupt moron tells you they plan to destroy the food system and create widespread hunger while claiming it is to save us from something that is not happening. The fact that CO2 increases food production is lost on this psychopath who will make sure that he is never hungry. Cult evil on public display.”

It’s that time of year to tackle the weeds that are not garden friendly!

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Tucker Carlson asks, “in what world” are we not allowed to ask about vaccines and autism?
The fear porn continues to ramp up as the vaccine gets closer to release.
FARMERS are the heart of Ohio. Will the legislature PROTECT them before it’s TOO LATE? — PASS HB 319 —

“‘The mRNA technology allows us to be much more agile in developing vaccines; we can start creating a mRNA vaccine within hours of sequencing a new viral strain with pandemic potential,’ said Scott Hensley, PhD,”

“Hensley also receives consulting fees from Sanofi, Pfizer, Lumen, Novavax, and Merck.”

Peter #Daszak has been suspended & is facing disbarment by HHS!
Immediate funding cut eliminates his access to taxpayer money, halting his dangerous experiments.
Will the house of cards continue to fall or is Peter just a deep state sacrifice to appease the public?

Enjoy the trailer of This Week with Dr. T and guest Alex Jones. Born and raised in Texas, Alex Jones is known for his unrivaled analysis and challenging the globalists' narrative. As the most talked-about and censored name in broadcasting, he hosts "The Alex Jones Show," covering hidden news and influencing political figures. From his start in public-access TV in the ’90s to running his own media empire with Infowars, Jones has become a powerful counter to mainstream media. Recognized as a trailblazer in new media and an icon of the Great Awakening and pro-liberty movement, he continues to expose the lies of the globalists.

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Enjoy the trailer of Happy Hour with guest Joni Lamb, a leading voice in Christian television, co-founded the Daystar Television Network, reaching over 110 million homes in the U.S. and 5 billion people worldwide. She co-hosts "Marcus & Joni" and hosts "Joni Table Talk," tackling controversial topics and sharing faith-based solutions. Joni's work has earned multiple awards, including Daytime Emmy nominations and Lone Star Emmy Awards. She is also a creative force behind the Daystar Singers and Band.

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🎗️Reminder: 3-5 pm edt today,

Happy to announce I’ll be joining my long time friend Robert Scott Bell today on his daily podcast. If you’re pressed for time and can’t stay the full 2 hours, I’m scheduled to be on closer to the 4 o’clock hour!

Hope you can join us!


The show will be LIVE from 3-5pm EDT

Multiple viewing options are available so choose the one that’s right for you!




BREAKING: Joe Biden Shuts Down Catholic Mass at National Park

From Breast Cancer in 2019 to Leukemia in 2024

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's wife Asma has been diagnosed with leukemia.

🛑 Reminder: During the National Memorial Day Observance on Monday, May 27, expect delays entering and exiting the cemetery, as well as movement freezes inside the cemetery.

For more information, visit:

Catholic group Knights of Columbus sues Biden administration for denying permit for Memorial Day mass: ‘Way out of line’ trib.al/YB9c7kl
“ I just filed an amicus brief supporting the Petersburg Knights of Columbus’ right to continue its Memorial Day Mass prayer gathering tradition at Poplar Grove National Cemetery.

The Biden Administration’s actions against this Catholic group violate the First Amendment.”

It’s time to clear your busy schedule and reserve your spot for this months episode of the ‘5 Docs!’
That’s right ‘CRITICALLY THINKING with our amazing 5 DOCS
will be LIVE TONIGHT, May 23 at 7pm edt

Seats are limited so RSVP now.
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See you all this evening!

#CriticallyThinking #5Docs #CriticallyThinkingWithThe5Docs

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