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One way to destroy a nation is to shutdown its industrial independence.

The Boeing whistleblower got Epsteined.

In all of its history, Britain has never faced a genuine existential crisis. It’s now facing such a crisis for the first time. Alek Yerbury writes for Radical Dose.


Radical Dose
Conrad Schultz relates his experience with beginning to raise chickens and how it changed his life.


Radical Dose
Radical Dose once again brings forth a profile of a Confederate officer by Asa Carter.


Radical Dose
This is why Boeing planes are falling apart in the sky.

Typical soulless behaviour.
Part 1 of a crash course on Cryptocurrency.


Radical Dose
All this “artist’s” work is like this: white women being raped black men while the white men are often shown murdered by them. He’s consistently degenerate and violently anti-white. https://t.me/ihypocritical/4902

My wife found my video on Japanese Twitter naturally in her feed. I followed it back to the source and it has over a million views. Meanwhile I've been banned off Twitter over 60 times 😂

There's a good reason they have to keep censoring me everywhere.

If gun ownership just pacifies people, this would be very good news.

"The right to bear arms and right self defense are both a security blanket for people who have no power otherwise, its just a pacifier"

- pretend-a- dissident who only pontificates
Nicholas R. Jeelvy watches a non-Japanese cartoon for a change and concludes that it’s based.


Radical Dose
A lot of people don’t realize how bad the demographic situation really is, even if a country is over 85% White, how many of those Whites are making White babies? How many of them are under 60? Most of the Whites alive today have gray hair.

This clip is how I imagine BIPOCs and LGBTQs really feel about each other — the left is a fragile coalition.

Nastya U. joins Radical Dose and pens a denunciation of feminism, both Eastern and Western.


Radical Dose
Yes, it radicalizes people further, but we’re never going to have our “Nationalist Rosa Parks moment” where the system gives in because “this makes them look bad.”


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