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New opinion by @JoelDavisx:

Leftist support for Sam Kerr's anti-White racism shows that they have no qualms about putting partisanship before ideology, and conservatives must learn to do the same or remain principled losers.

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Andrew Anglin dropped an article yesterday echoing Nick Fuentes' theory that Trump will be allowed to win the next election because Israel now needs him in the White House.

Infamously, I had said since 2024 that there is zero chance Donald Trump can win the 2024 election. The argument was that it simply does not make sense that the Democrats stole the 2020 election (something which I assert is incontrovertible fact), face zero consequences, and then not continue to steal elections.

However, what we must realize is that the only thing that the fraud actually proves is that US elections are not decided by vote count. Although this does prove that Trump cannot win, it does not prove that Trump cannot “win,” i.e., be selected and appointed president through the fraudulent electoral system.

Before the October 7 attack on Israel by Hamas, and the ensuing Israeli response, there was no reason to believe the people with the power to rig elections would want Trump back in office. Now, there is a big reason to believe that: Trump is a diehard Israel supporter. Although he had said little about the ongoing situation in Gaza (presumably because it is so unpopular, even with Republicans), on Tuesday he told Fox News Israel should “finish the job,” suggesting full support for everything the IDF is doing in Gaza.

There are many reasons to believe that the Israelis and their American supporters would be able to engineer a Trump election victory in 2024 if they believed it benefited them. I think at this point, given the problems that Biden is facing, and this signaling from Trump, it is very easy to assume that the entire Israeli government wants Trump 2024.

Donald Trump is not stupid. He understands everything stated above about the nature of the election fraud system. What he is doing is appealing to the Jews to allow him to become president again in exchange for full support of their agenda in the region.

Aside from the Israelis and the hardline Israel supporters, you will probably see a lightening of the rhetoric about Trump from American Jews, if it is fully established that he is the Israeli candidate.

The assumption that Trump would never be allowed back into office was based on the amount of vitriol aimed at Trump by the Jewish establishment, white women, immigrants, and various other goons of the American Empire. However, the emotionally unhinged reactions to Trump did not ever line up with reality. Trump did not do any of the things his enemies claimed he would do.

The American Jewish hysteria surrounding Trump was not rational. It was purely based on fear of a masculine, white, aggressive leader. It was not based on an objective analysis of what he was capable of doing, or how anything he did would harm the Jews.

This more or less totally explains the screeching we saw from the Jews about Donald Trump. This inexplicable neurosis would of course be overpowered, in the case of many Jews, by the perceived need to protect Israel. Jews tacitly supporting Donald Trump for the sake of protecting Israel could be compared to a starving man engaging in cannibalism.

You could, and probably will, see the media falling back in their attacks on Trump. They will still attack him, but they will tone it down. In particular, they will start admitting he is likely to win, and publishing polls showing that. And then, on election night, they may well behave very differently than they did in 2020, calling states early for Trump.
It's a total giveaway as to their motivations for holding their views that White leftists feel it necessary to maintain the delusion that we in 2024 live under a White Supremacist system.

If our values were as institutionally dominant as theirs are, I wouldn't feel the need to pretend like we weren't winning - I'd proudly flex that dominance. So why do they feel the necessity to keep framing themselves as a counter-culture which resists the power structure rather than as the dominant culture which is embodied in the power structure? It's because their sense of individuality and superiority is mediated by their delusion that their ideological commitments differentiate them from the system and the masses as morally enlightened and noble beings.

If they were to acknowledge that the White man has been defeated and that holding their values is now the ultimate conformity to the system, they would have to come to terms with the fact that their values don't make them special or morally superior - and therefore that they'd have to find some other way to experience the same sense of radical individuality that they delude themselves into self-attributing. This prospect horrifies them, because they are all boring and pathetic people and deep down they know it.
Tom, Blair and I will go live at 8:30pm AEDT (in an hour's time)

Politics is driven fundamentally by organised identity politics, Jewish identity politics being the most powerful force in the contemporary United States by far due to the level of Jewish control over media and key managerial institutions in particular.

Until Whites get organised in the pursuit of White interests, the story of American politics will continue to be defined by Jewish existential concerns while atomised Whites and their voting patterns are dragged along for the ride by Jewish media influence.
Tuning in now to the Nick Fuentes show live for the first time in awhile, he's making the argument that Trump will be allowed to win the election because the Jewish elite have finally gotten over their dislike of his national-populist style due to his staunch Zionism relative to Biden at such a precarious time for Israel.

I think he's got a point.
Well done Laura, making sure the injustice against Sam is being turned into the largest possible propaganda victory for our struggle.

It is excellent to see how sympathetic Alex Jones is framing the issue also. The centrality of the race issue to the current surge in political polarisation is marching conservative consciousness right up to the gate of White Identitarianism. The capacity for gatekeeping is breaking down, all people like Jones can do is try and neutralise antisemitism as much as possible in the process. Conservatism is collapsing, we are inevitable.
New Opinion by John MacDonald:

Right wing streamers are part of an information war, so it's vital they compete technically and aesthetically, and you should be helping them get there.

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🧃this harder, we need a ratio boys
Ben in the studio today. It’s almost fully setup for the debate on Friday night with Joel Davis and Jared Taylor against 2 leftists
What Jews and Freemasons have done to Britain, turning what was once a paragon of justice, liberty and pious virtue into a decrepit tyranny that endorses self-abnegation as its highest value - mongrelising into oblivion one of the most dynamically brilliant and innovative cultures in human history - this is truly one of the gravest crimes against humanity ever committed.
It might come as a shock to many that under the Conservative Government over 4000 paedophiles convicted of child sex offences have walked out of court after being let off with community orders or suspended sentences.

However take this into consideration: Britain's most notorious child sex predator Jimmy Saville worked for the BBC for years, had unfettered access to politicians and was knighted by the Queen - he died a 'Sir'.

What's more, the man in charge of the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) who refused to pursue charges against 'Sir' Jimmy Saville was Keir Starmer. Keir Starmer was then knighted by the Queen for his services to the crown as head of the CPS. 'Sir' Keir Starmer is now leader of the Labour Party and will likely be the next Prime Minster.

The entire establishment is rotten to core and has a long history of protecting paedophiles and sex offenders - this is true of both the Conservatives and Labour. Both sides of the corrupt political establishment needing wiping away and that is why they are so desperate to clamp down on political dissidents.
Men like Sam Melia with families to take care of are taking prison sentences on the chin in order to advocate for our race. What are you doing?
@PatriotFrontUpdates » LEGAL UPDATE: The Free Expression Foundation (FEF) is an advocacy nonprofit that provides moral, legal, and financial support to those being persecuted for the exercise of their First Amendment Rights. They have offered to accept donations to provide legal support for the defense of Thomas Rousseau against the unjust case being brought by Albemarle County, Virginia. This case represents a gross abuse of power, and an infringement on the rights of free expression for all Americans. Please consult with a tax professional to determine if your donation may be tax deductible.

Donors MUST include the note "For Thomas Rousseau" in their donations for them to be put towards the case.
Sam Melia, a husband, father, activist, and dedicated advocate for the native British has just been sentenced to two years in prison because he produced and placed stickers warning about demographic change in Britain.

Telling the truth about demographic change and cultural differences between peoples will now land you in prison. Laura Melia (Towler) and her daughter are now without Sam.

There is a Givesendgo to support Sam and Laura.

They are a wonderful nationalist couple expecting their second child all while having to deal with this ridiculous injustice.

In a world where the state, media, and justice systems are against us at every turn nationalists must come together and be a family, a true support network.

Please support Sam and Laura as they face drastic changes to their lives and family:
Blair and I will be LIVE at 8:30pm


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