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THL - (Updated: 24-02-24)

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​​THL - (Updated: 24-02-24)
​​THL - (Updated: 24-02-24)
​​THL - (Updated: 24-02-24)
​​THL - (Updated: 24-02-24)
​​THL - (Updated: 24-02-24)
​​THL - (Updated: 24-02-24)
​​The Holy List (Partners + Verified)
​​The Holy List (Linked Channels)
Something different than usual.
In preparation for future link heaven updates we've made a short survey. (1 minute)
If you could tell us how you feel about Link Heaven that would be amazing! Everything is anonymous, but if you do have some other direct feedback you could always message me directly.

Survey link:

Sorry for the unwanted ping, and see you around in the groups <3
Cheers, @applesappie

Edit as of 22-10-2023:
Thank you everyone who has filled in the survey! I'll be implementing some of y'alls feedback. This helps me and the team a lot.

1) You have to be 18+ to be a part of this group , don't even joke about it.
2) Don't ask / post / inquire about UA content, this won't be tolerated you'll be banned with no chance for appeal.
3) Don't ask for DMs.
4) Spam links are a non appealable ban.
5) Most groups have media disabled, so if you still want to post something you can message an admin, they will either post it for you, enable media or forward the post from your name.
6) Please refrain from asking in any chat groups about new content. If there is new content it'll be posted.
7) If you want content from a specific creator please go ask (with the right format) on @contentsupplygroup .
8) If you want the name of a girl please go ask (nicely) on identify that hoe: .
9) Keep it English in the chats. (This depends on the origin of the chat, there are a few exceptions)
10) Promoting / advertising without permission from the admins gets you banned.
11) Any and all bigotry , homophobic , transphobic, racist...etc discrimination of any kind is an unappealable ban.
12) No tributes are not allowed and won't be ever.
13) Group fundings are allowed, but you first need to contact an admin.
14) Always read the pinned message in groups/channels as that mostly contains important information or specific rules for that group.
15) Stay on topic in groups. (Little chit chat is okay, but mainly focus on the topic.)

- ALL THESE GROUPS ARE FREE! If you paid for it you were scammed.
- Not knowing the rules is not an excuse

Note that this list does not contain everything, always be sure to read the pinned message in a group as there might be some addition rules. As well that any admin will take appropriate actions to things that aren't listed.
Useful information

Help with pornographic block.
1. Login to 'Telegram Web' (
2. Open Settings > Privacy and Security
3. Check Disable Filtering box under Sensitive Content
5. Reopen or Reinstall the Telegram app.

(Didn't work? Press me.)

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Verified Girls: 🍋

If you want your group / channel to be here or if you have any questions, feel free to message me (@applesappie)
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