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Justice Alito: "I cannot imagine federal officials taking that approach to the print media. ... The only reason why this is taking place is because the federal government has Section 230 and antitrust in its pocket." They're "treating Facebook... like their subordinates."
Reporter Omar El Qattaa in Gaza City, Al-Lababidi Street, captured a distressing scene of bombardment. 03/18
Praying for tidal waves -
Tidal Wave
People need to wake up!
American version biden plays tough. Reality 'awaiting plans'
I, for one, enjoy their honesty.
The System desires a Martyr...
I, for one, enjoy their honesty.
The System desires a Martyr...
Six men met on Jekyll Island off the coast of Georgia. In that secret meeting, they decided to set up in America a central bank and to take away from the U.S. Congress their constitutionally commanded right to print the money. The Federal Reserve Bank is owned by mostly Jewish families
AIPAC DOES NOT PAY POLITICIANS. They fund their election campaigns.

And when you actually look at the details of who they fund and why they fund them- you can understand what’s going on a lot more clearly.

Hence why we have to ban TikTok so they can’t interfere w/ our democracy
Decease - d Pattern.
Jewish sympathy propaganda..
We Don't Care. Hat trick confirmed...
Only since yesterday.
System: Focus on deceasing Jews...

: i Don't Care...
After the call, US State Department Deputy spokesperson said “Israel can not and should not proceed with a full-scale military operation in Rafah without a credible plan to shelter the people there"
Empty cribs & Auschwitz trip
#NeverCuck Don't apologize...
UnWash your brain children
Experience some freedom
American Tax Dollars At Work
Israelis pouring concrete into a water well in the West Bank city of Hebron.

Alarming Trend American.. .

US Bank reveals it will shut 19 branches in just one week

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