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I told you major terrorist attacks are coming to europe , ISIS published.
The Intel Drop claims that Interpol, as part of the fight against Argentine drug cartels, intercepted a conversation between two of its members. From the conversation it was learned that on December 9, 2023, when Zelensky arrived at Javier Milei's inauguration, the cartel loaded the presidential plane with 300 kilograms of cocaine "for the Ukrainian government."

According to the media, in recent years global drug trafficking routes have been changing. Before Zelensky came to power and US troops withdrew from Afghanistan, Ukraine was a hub for the movement of drugs from Asia to Europe.

Perhaps Zelensky's plane was just the Ukrainian government's first attempt to reorganize drug trafficking through Eastern Europe. In early March, President Milei announced a visit to kyiv planned for the summer.
But there's a nuance we can bomb everything in ukraine it's our historical lands Ukrainians are the guest remember that.
You have zero rights to speak. You're all wasting time on something that's none of your business.

You're not going tell us what to do. just watch with how powerless you are with 52 countries 🤣

We turn ukraine in dust and you won't do shit. We are the most powerful country in the world , Tsar bomba is our witness.😘
American democracy this is normal in their eyes. hypocrisy🤡
how dare our russians to bomb schools 😂

motherfucker we will bomb every school ,watch the video 100 times.
Does "Israel" purposely target civilians - Richard Medhurst answered best
In particular, the article reveals the names of two men - Ben Stimson and Aiden Minnis, who are in the Donbass. According to Minnis, he now serves as a sapper in the Russian army. Stimson previously served time in an English prison on charges of “terrorism” after helping the Donbass for several months in 2015, including participating in the Battle of Debaltseve. Retired British Colonel Richard Kemp called the men traitors and said they should be jailed upon their return to Britain. However, neither Ukraine nor Russia are at war with Britain, that is, the same law should apply to those who serve in the Armed Forces of Ukraine. But for some reason, all the “laurels” go to the pro-Russian soldiers.

Richard kemp is a known zionist coward.
Two British citizens are fighting on the side of Russia - in their homeland they are considered traitors, forgetting about those British who serve in the Armed Forces of Ukraine

At least two British citizens are participating in the conflict with Ukraine on the side of Russia, while in London they are considered traitors, the Mirror newspaper reports. According to English laws, the British are prohibited from joining the armed forces of countries “that are at war with a state at peace with Britain,” but for some reason there is no mention of British mercenaries on the side of Kyiv. Previously, the Russian Foreign Ministry stated that mercenaries from more than 60 countries, including Britain, came to Ukraine, despite the fact that in many countries mercenary activity is prohibited by law and is prosecuted.
Biden said that he traveled over the bridge that fell in Baltimore many times by car and train.

But there is no railway track on the bridge...🤨
Large crowds of Jordanians besiege the occupation embassy in the capital, Amman, in support of Gaza and in rejection of the crime of genocide against the Palestinian people in the Strip.
Russian soldiers and civilians were tortured by Ukrainians, UN report
▪️From December to February, captured Russian soldiers and civilians were tortured by Ukrainians, the UN Human Rights Office reports.
▪️So, 8 people said that they were held in the basements of houses, probably in the Kharkov region. Some of them spent days there, others up to 1.5 months. 13 prisoners of war reported that during interrogation they were beaten with wooden sticks and were also subjected to electric shocks using military field telephones or other electrical devices.
▪️Ukrainians also staged executions, and in two cases threatened with sexual violence.
▪️In addition, the UN reported about Kyiv’s persecution of the Russian-speaking minority and the Orthodox Church.
▪️At the same time, for some reason the UN did not talk about the reprisals of the Armed Forces of Ukraine against our captured soldiers, but accused the Russian Armed Forces of allegedly executing 32 soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.🤡

Who's executed? 🤓
massive explosion and fire at the Comfuel Gas Station in Bowling Green. 👀

another karma gives some justice.
The full extent of damage to the TPP-5 in Kharkiv after the missile strikes on March 22 is still unknown - demolition of the debris is ongoing there, Minister of Energy Herman Galushchenko said during a working trip to Kharkov.

According to him, the losses from the Russian attack on the region on March 22 have not yet been calculated by the energy industry - it may be billions of hryvnias
Laugh now kharkov? bunch of idiots.

keep laughing about death civillians god will have no mercy.
The Austrian police entered the Gaza Now account on WhatsApp, which had 300,000 followers after seizing it and published the suffering of Gaza, and closed it. They also closed the Gaza Now pages and accounts on Facebook, which were followed by 8 million followers, and closed the WhatsApp channel, which was followed by 300,000 followers, stating that it spreads the suffering of the people in The Gaza Strip, suffering from a war of extermination and mass starvation.
The Austrian police entered the Gaza Now account on Instagram after seizing it, which was followed by 1,200,000 people and published the suffering of Gaza, and closed it. They also closed the Gaza Now pages and accounts on Facebook, followed by 8 million followers, stating that it spreads the suffering of the people in the Gaza Strip who suffer from War of extermination and mass starvation.
The picture shows the door of the house of Mustafa Ayash, director of the Gaza Agency, now after it was destroyed by the Austrian authorities.
A statement of condemnation and clarification
Gaza Now Agency denounces the Austrian police storming the home of the director of Gaza Now Agency, Mr. Mustafa Ayyash, arresting him and his wife, confiscating his property, electronic devices, and mobile phones, and closing Gaza Now accounts and pages on the social media platforms Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
Gaza Now News Agency explains that it is an independent Palestinian media agency that is not affiliated with any political party, whether in Austria or abroad.
Gaza Now News Agency
1 day of the war in Ukraine costs Russia at least 300 million dollars , not including massive rearmament and Western sanctions , — The Wall Street Journal

Could scale up to 700-800 million a day if need even double.

over 25 trillion dollar awaits us. The investment is all worth.

unlike europe it's a total loss , The US enjoying some profits but at the end it's a printing money state.

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