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Interview with Nino’s Corner
Interview with Steven’s Real News Corner by The Maestro, Tuesday, April 9, 2024
Special Deep Dives Premiere: gene Decode on the Andromeda Council of Seven (7).
Learn about the Andromeda Council of Seven (7), its members and their role in assisting the planets and races in this galaxy. The council's intervention for Humanity and Earth when the Great Awakening began.

We hope to see you for this special presentation.

Thursday, April 11, 2024 at 6:30pm MDT (UTC-6)

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🌚📸💥2024-04-07 One Guy & A Gal Flash News Update - The April 8th Solar Eclipse
Available now for all to view
on both the Surface Area of the website and at RealGeneDecode Rumble. See the links below:

This is now available to watch here on Deep Dives area of the website:https://www.genedecode.org/programs/alpha-draco-in-depth-revised-2024-5c5abb?category_id=128644.

A free-three day trial is available if you aren't currently a subscriber.
🌏🌍🌎 The Nature Of Planets Series ~ The Hollow Earth - Part 1 (An Introduction). This is an in-depth introduction to the Hollow Earth by presenting evidence of the planets being hollow, how they became hollow and the expansion of the Earth. 

This video is now available for all to watch on the Surface Area of the website: https://www.genedecode.org/programs/2024-04-10-the-nature-of-planets-the-hollow-earth-part-1-an-introduction-b07e34?category_id=164591
Here is the wonderful Tom Numbers interview from March 13, 2024 that is now available on gene Decode’s Rumble:
Galactic Talk & World Update, April 2024, with Gene Decode and The Venus Twins

We hope you enjoy this informative Galactic talk and World Update about the Andromedan Council and their role helping planet Earth as well as current World events.

Part 13of the Sermon on the Mount Series introduces the Ten Commandments of God, and then discusses the 1st commandment, "I AM the Lord, your God"

This beautiful Discovering Truth In Scripture is available to all here: https://www.genedecode.org/programs/2024-04-02-decoding-truth-in-scripture-the-sermon-on-the-mount-part-13-547e02?category_id=128644
Premiere on Deep Dives: Alpha Draco- Ciakar In-Depth Decode.
This is now available to watch here: https://www.genedecode.org/programs/alpha-draco-in-depth-revised-2024-5c5abb?category_id=128644. A free-three day trial is available if you aren't currently a subscriber.
Premiere: Decoding Truth In Scripture ~ Sermon On The Mount - Part 13
RESCHEDULED to Wednesday, April 3, 2024 at 6:30pm MDT (UTC-6)

Part 13 Sermon on the Mount series introduces the Ten Commandments of God, and then discusses the 1st commandment, "I AM the Lord, your God"

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Trina Welch Interview March 28, 2024: Disclosure Is Pouring Out - We're Talking Cabal Full Circle With Gene Decode
🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️💥LIVE Q&A with gene Decode
The reply is available here for Deep Dives subscribers: https://www.genedecode.org/programs/2024-03-29-qa-with-gene-decode-079b8d?category_id=128644
💬LIVE U.S.A. Community Chat with Avery and the Blessed For Service U.S.A. Team

Thank you all who joined us for this lively chat! The replay is now available on Deep Dives: https://www.genedecode.org/programs/2024-03-28-usa-community-chat-with-avery-c88abd?category_id=128644
Deep Dives Premiere - Story Time with Stephanie with a lively chat following the premiere. The story read and discussed is: Pepper & Salt - Farmer Grigg’s Boggart, by Howard Pyle

The replay is available on Deep Dives here: https://www.genedecode.org/programs/2024-03-27-storytime-with-stephanie-5ca522?category_id=128644
Journaling with Juniors - with Stephanie!
Thank you to all of you who joined us ❤️

Here is the Deep Dives replay link:
Replay link: https://www.genedecode.org/programs/2024-03-25-journaling-with-juniors-2b59a7?category_id=128644
Our apologies for the technical difficulties with Story Time tonight. We will air this again next week, Wednesday, March 27 at 6pm MDT (UTC-6).
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Deep Dives Premiere - Story time with Stephanie with a lively chat to follow the premiere. The story that will be read and discussed is: Pepper & Salt - Farmer Grigg’s Boggart, by Howard Pyle

Friday, March 22, 2024 at 6pm MDT (UTC-6)

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gene Decode DUMBs Decode - Part 1 Introduction

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