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An extra hour exercising is an extra hour overcoming.
Civilizations are not made for Everybody

Civilizations are made for Somebody
D.E.I. Hires, Lead to Dire Fires
No Progressive counts you their Equal...
...Why do you?
Can Ashes Build Themselves?
Abortion only aborts your joy.
If you wait for the ashes, what will be left to save?
Weak Men of the Old Regime often confused this.
Nostalgia is the hollow left from Progress
Sex is not a solution to sexual problems
If you know you're going to Die,
Why not try to Live?
They change their sky, not their soul, who run across the sea.
Hyper-Reality leads to Sin
Instead, Enjoy the Time with your Kin
Progress Feeds on the Progressives that Birth It.
Reject Materialism
Everyone is a Segregationist,
Towards their Opposition.
They'll lock up the product,
but not the thief.

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