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🔥New Ad from the Trump Campaign: "Not A Young Guy”

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Speaker Of The House Mike Johnson Comments On SOTU...

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3.15.24 Patriot Streetfighter w/ Frankspeech Joe Oltmann, The Price Paid Defending Liberty
Online seminar next week!
This is a really interesting perspective from Ben Fulford. It is worth a listen.
Our very own Dr. Sandra Rose-Michael is being honored at such a high-level in Dallas next month!

For tickets to attend this amazing event of which I’ll be attending myself….

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Any elusive night grazer caught on camera…
Tucker Carlson: "The people who’ve handed our country to China are banning TikTok to protect you from China? Probably not. So what’s really going on? Rand Paul joins us to explain"


Live-3.14.24 @ 7pm EST
Live-3.14.24 @ 7pm EST

Juan O’Savin will be making his premier this evening. This has been long awaited and you do not want to miss it! This show will be epic!
Full President Trump Victory Speech

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In addition to the late afternoon event before we do the tipping point broadcast together, there is a second option for those who want to participate in the Q&A as well as doing an overnight session. Information and tickets are here.
April 15, 2024

Dr. Sandra Rose Michael, Architect of the EE System’s bio-scalar technology that is changing the world of wellness is coming to Terra Quantum Recharge in Colleyville, Texas for a special night

Pre - “The Tipping Point” on site Broadcast Meet & Greet followed by a show appearance and capping the night off with a Q&A.

Tickets available at

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