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Coming up at 5:00pm US Eastern I'll be talking to Panama Hat about the classic British TV show Dad's Army.

Tired of grand strategy and political knife fights? Join us!
Resilient voices: Survivors of farm attacks in South Africa share their stories

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Historic ICJ ruling against Israel ▪️ American soldiers killed in Jordan ▪️ Why are birthrates down everywhere? ▪️ Turkey approves Sweden for NATO membership ▪️ UK and Germany prepare for war ▪️ and more...

👉 Here's Episode #71: Video | Audio

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I think Race Communism is something that should start being said publicly
It's official:

👉 I am not allowed to enter Germany and a search warrant has been issued.

👉After the "secret meeting" in Potsdam, me and my ideas got the spotlight in the media. The left got really upset. Demonstrations against the right were organised in Germany and Austria.

👉 The German government sees me as a threat to internal security.
Or rather, my ideas, words and books.

👉It's an act of historical injustice and hysterical excess. I couldn't have unmasked this government any better than they are doing right now.

💪Thank you to everyone who has expressed their solidarity with me. Now it's time to stand firm.

You can help me by signing this petition and sending it to EVERYONE you know:
Funny how deportation and border control quickly become feasible when it’s someone the State doesn’t like.

So what does that tell us about the way the State views all those suspicious foreign men who go on to commit rape, murder, and other crimes without ever being deported?
People have asked what I think about the Sam Melia case. I shared other people's posts about it on Twitter, but, for various reasons, wasn't sure what to say myself. I'd hope it goes without saying that I think the whole thing is outrageous. Moreover, there are implications for all of us, especially in how the verdict was reached. The gloves are clearly off.

Sam and I met briefly once, nearly 4 years ago now. Generally we have not had much to do with each other, having different concerns and approaches, but we did interact a few times when he first appeared "on the scene". I vividly remember how proud he was of his Hundred Handers idea, even excited, because he believed it was completely within the law. This was a key part of it for him: it was a legally safe way to "spread the message". The last thing he expected was what has now happened.

Sam is a straightforward, well-intentioned and honest man. He and I haven't always agreed, but I don't believe for a second that he is "a bad man".

I am sure the judge in his case also doesn't believe that. The journalists who will report on it, the activists who will bask in it, the police who will enact it... few of them will actually believe Sam is a bad man. But they are pursuing a certain social vision - ruthlessly.

A key part of that vision is European people becoming a minority everywhere and, eventually, mixed out of existence. This absolutely unnatural feat is being realised against the odds. To achieve it, Europeans are made malleable by the subverting of ordinary life.

Thus, the truth is no defence, radical demographic change is "inevitable", caring about your ethnic group is "hateful", valuing freedom of speech is "authoritarian", and to notice your group being raped and replaced is to be a supremacist.

The British people are being lied to, gas-lit, abused, scapegoated and Great Replaced. Those who protest about this get deplatformed, vilified, harassed, tormented, impoverished, and, in the case of Sam and various other individuals, imprisoned.

Yet the truth is, if Sam's stickers were instead Guardian articles, stating the very same facts but with approval, he wouldn't be in the dock. He'd be on a six-figure salary, appearing on panel shows and getting book deals. From the regime's point-of-view, the things his stickers warned about MUST come to pass. For voicing disagreement, Sam must be punished as harshly as possible. The goal is to deter others from following his example.

I doubt that punishing Sam will actually have that effect. In the short term, sure, but in the long term? Without wishing to encourage or condone anything, I believe that protest against the outrageous will eventually be heard, one way or another. You can't just erase an ethnic group. Your options are to either respect the peaceful protest of people like us, or succumb to the brutes who will step in once we are all in prison. When that day comes, I wouldn't want to be a regime enforcer - but then, like most in our movement, I couldn't live with myself if I were that low a creature.

They are punishing not just Sam but also his wife Laura Towler, their small child and their unborn baby.

In a world of much darkness, a young English family is surely a source of light. The regime abhors the regeneration of our kind, but we cherish it. With that in mind, I hope people donate to the fund to help this family in the months ahead. They have sacrificed much, and will continue to do so. For that they should be supported by everyone who cares about this cause.

I wish luck to Sam and Laura. We have known for a long time that we are up against evil. The hardships, though they sting, must galvanise us in protecting that people and securing that future.
White boys don’t want to have a giggling Russian girl sitting in an office in Bobrovka fly grenade-laden drones into their balls as they cower in a bog — and everyone knows why. Our leaders can’t admit it, of course, because to do so would reveal them as some of the stupidest people in all of world history to ever hold power.

Morgoth pulls no punches.
We're still very proud of our "Sensible Discussion on Race" with Millennial Woes.

This is pretty much our definitive position on race & UK identity.
From the 12th of July, 1968, this is the earliest mention of the term "institutional racism" that one finds in the main archive of British newspapers.
Millennial Woes did a solo Ask Me Anything on the latest broadcast of Counter-Currents Radio, and it is now available for download and online listening.
Don't back down.
We will always be back. Goodnight frens.

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