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Dustin Nemo on Phil being a Pedo and how his followers defend him.

More and more intelligent truthers are telling it how it is. Get that flying filthy pedo out of here!
"2024 Pick Your Lane - Symbolism Will Be Their Downfall" Rodriguez, Snedeker, Cunningham
"2024 Pick Your Lane - Symbolism Will Be Their Downfall" Rodriguez, Snedeker, Cunningham
Vaxx kids = You’re a sadistic psycho
Nice tits Love👍👍
Update On Bonnie's situation:

Her prison is no longer on lockdown as they completed the search of the inmates and their belongings last week. It was Bonnie's most humiliating day of her life as she described what happened: All of the inmates had to put their belongings on their bed sheet and wrap the sheet around their things. They had to carry all of their things wrapped in the bedsheet to a field outside near a fence where there was a line of vehicles parked with onlookers watching the spectacle. The inmates unfolded their sheet and laid out their supplies on the sheet while a male guard walked down the line with a sniffer dog to inspect their property. Meanwhile the women were forced to strip naked. They were instructed to bend forward while lifting their breast, squat down cough as their butt cheeks were spread and guards inspected their private parts in broad day light while the perverts in the vehicles watched.
Bonnie Straight. Unjustly imprisoned and to prove it, there is NO PRECEDENCE of such “justice” in Texas law history. This is an absolute takedown of one of the most dangerous (to the evil of this world) humans, David Straight.
This mother's seven children were unlawfully kidnapped by authorities in Cleburne, Texas (where Bonnie and David are being persecuted).

While her children were in the care of CPS the foster parents sexually abused her son.

She was finally able to get her children returned to her but the damage was already done.

This is what David Straight has dedicated the past 35 years fighting against - the unlawful seizure of children by CPS!


🇺🇸 A Girl who resides in Maui says

"Our Government F*CKED us"
Upright rebroadcast of the Salmon River, ID. Pre-launch of our platform which is live!
A report in the New York Times: the Biden administration is trying to locate computer code that China apparently planted in the power grids, communication systems and water supply of American bases around the world - allegedly in an attempt to disrupt global military activity.
You think you know the full story?


Dr Judy Mikovits: The plan is to inject humanity with the cancer VIRUS 🦠

“They’ve been doing this for the last 40 years”



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