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UK Secretary of State David Cameron on his meeting yesterday with President Trump:

“The meeting I had yesterday with Donald Trump was a good meeting. It was a private meeting, so I have to be careful what I say.” 👀

Very interesting.

Totally normal for foreign leaders to meet with a “former” POTUS to discuss an ongoing war, right?

Sidenote: The MSNBC hacks seem to be taking it well 😂
Associated Press: Anonymous right-wing users are spreading false information online.

Also Associated Press:
MSNBC is terrified of Kash Patel becoming Attorney General, saying this is the “MOST ALARMING” prospect within the Trump Campaign 🔥

Kashyap Patel - name to remember.

His role in the 2nd Trump Administration could be part of the reason why 🍿

X link
A Tale of Two Presidents in NYC

One hosts a swanky fundraiser with elitist liberals Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Lizzo, and Stephen Colbert…

And the other attends the wake of a slain NYPD officer, comforting his family and paying respects to the fallen.

It’s clear as day:

Biden represents the Elites.

Trump represents the People.
President Trump flew to New York today just to attend the wake of NYPD officer Jonathan Diller.

While he was there, he spent time with the widow in private, prayed over Officer Diller’s casket, offered his condolences to every member of the family, hugged his grandma and then received a standing ovation. Unbelievable.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden was yucking it up with Hillary Clinton & Obama at a fundraiser.

Compare & contrast.

It’s clear which man actually loves the American people.
I’m not crying you’re crying
This clip shows you just how massive the Francis Scott Key Bridge is in real life.

It’s hard to understand the magnitude of this bridge collapsing just from watching clips on TV, but this video puts it in perspective.

Trump: New York State has been battered by this decision
Eric Trump brought the heat this morning on Maria Bartiromo. He perfectly explains the insanity happening in New York to the entire Trump family 🔥

Watch this whole clip.

Eric wraps up by explaining how determined President Trump is to keep fighting:

“What he’s had to fight through for the last 8 years, I can tell you as a son, is unthinkable… The amount of arrows, the amount of shots that they’ve taken at this man and he never ever stops. He’s the toughest guy I’ve ever met in my entire life. Hes gonna win in November. I don’t care what they do to him…. He will never ever ever stop fighting. That’s his conviction. That’s who he is. That’s frankly who we are as a family.”

This dude is presidential.

Trump2028?! 🇺🇸
LSU coach just shredded a reporter at the Washington Post:

Coach Kim Mulkey began her press conference with an opening statement about an upcoming Washington Post article about her.

"This is exactly why people don't trust journalists and the media anymore. ... I will sue the Washington Post if they publish a false story about me."

- Citizen Free Press
Boxer Ryan Garcia, who has recently been portrayed by the media as mentally unstable for speaking out on the horrors of Hollywood, Bohemian Grove, Jeffrey Epstein, & child trafficking, says that he is working with people who are going to take him to Congress to present his evidence.

“Were gathering all the evidence, all the stories and everything and I’m going straight to Congress with it… Whether you think its a lie or not, make your opinions. When you see me in Congress talking to them, you’re gonna be like oh shit. He was right.”

Garcia claims he witnessed and has proof of “elites” raping & killing children.

He doesn’t sound crazy to me.
Another epic meltdown from Morning Joe 😂

In this edition, Psycho Joe screams at the American people as he struggles to cope with the fact that the majority of Americans don’t believe anything he says.

His entire existence over the past 7+ years has yielded the opposite of the results he was looking for. Must really suck.

The Fake News was just throwing the term ‘bloodbath’ around 5 days ago, but as soon as Trump says it, it’s iNciTinG viOLeNcE.

These clowns never fail to embarrass themselves.
Kash Patel calls for forensic examinations of the J6 Committee’s (staffers & Congressmen) cell phones & computers:

“We need to have a full on forensic examination of cell phones, computers & laptops - private and government… of every staffer and every Congressman and women on that committee to get that answer.”

I wonder what else a forensic examination of their devices would uncover?
I’m old enough to remember when the fake news media’s talking point of the day was to refer to the RNC layoffs as a “bloodbath”.

Nobody accused them of inciting violence.

These people are so stupid.
Fani Willis may have made a major mistake as her text messages between her and her lover will likely be unveiled.
Can you imagine what they might say?
Alina Habba wants to see the door opened for real accountability when Trump ascends back into office and says her texts are just the beginning.
Kash just told us yesterday that people are going to be held accountable for their crimes.
It appears like the deep state is setting themselves up for disaster.

"I hope it opens the door to looking at the DA's all the AG's, communication between the White House, the administration, and collusion between all of them. Let's look into everything. It's time for the American people to see the corruption I've seen, the destruction to the judicial system. It is deep. They are coordinating. There is no question that her texts with Mr. Wade are just the beginning.
I'm exhausted of seeing so many subpoenas come out, people come testify in congress and nothing happens. I want to see action. I want to see people held accountable for real crimes. Clean house."
Kash Patel: “I think in November… there is going be to a cataclysmic implosion in Washington, DC, the likes of which we have not seen. And the deep state, once it’s sunk, cannot be raised… and we are going to see a new day in Washington, where people are held accountable internally in government for their criminal conduct.” 💥

Kash also proposed a full fledged investigation into everyone in Congress who aided & abetted the J6 Committee 👀

“Let’s see who broke the law.”

The next few years should be fun! 🇺🇸
So much for that ‘fiery, precise, laser-focused, raw’ testimony, eh Fake News? 🤣🤡
Rep. Victoria Spartz, who grew up under communism in the Ukraine/Soviet Union, reprimands Jamie Raskin for virtue signaling about the dangers of communism.

“I actually grew up under communists and I have a very good recollection of what it is… Unfortunately they’ve been emboldened by President Obama and now by President Biden too - and unfortunately our government and DOJ is really now resembling a tyrannical government.”

Raskin owned again.

Bravo 👏🏼
Lara Trump says that as leader of the RNC, her top priority is election integrity 💥

“We have to ensure that when people go vote, they feel like their vote counts… We can never allow what happened in 2020 and the questions surrounding that election to ever happen again…”

She explained that the RNC is creating an ‘Election Integrity Division’ for the first time ever and also warned the cheaters that they will be prosecuted.

“To anyone out there who is thinking about cheating in an election, we will go after you. You will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. It is not worth it.”

It’s becoming more & more obvious that the end is near for the corrupt establishment politicians.

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