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My personal thoughts πŸ’­ & opinions on S&P500 order flow. Not investment advice.

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Lulu whisperer
Dropped some ideas πŸ‘‡

Need some extra votes . Help!

81 million.

Frankly now no reason not to subscribe. Furus have failed you, OrderFlow has been ur friend. Due to NVDA raising price now exponentially.
Free if you join today
Stunning SMCI rally of about 60 dollar form my level
Premium content

Simply unreal bearish call by me on nvda at 750 when no one will touch it

Very brave

Stock now 690
Just posted levels. Happy Monday.
If message not received you need the app and chat notifications.
FYI. Lower tier plans will be phased out gradually. A higher tier plan at around 300 a month will be soon launched. Want a little bit more exclusivity as these levels are getting ridiculously good. Can’t share openly for peanuts, want only serious hardcore folks .

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