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This is the best Market Maker I've ever known.
This is the best Market Maker I've ever known.
ZK is the Endgame
Something is coming 👀 Air🎁
Security guides every decision we make at zkSync, including our decision to open source.

If you share this passion, check out our audits and bug bounty program to contribute
Developers are flooding in to build on zkSync:

128% increase in developers deploying exclusively to zkSync.

🧠 Blockchain developers with 2+ years of experience have doubled (basically 10 years in crypto).

🎓 zkSync is attracting up-and-coming developers.
@Chainlink ⬡

Chainlink Price Feeds are now live on zkSync Era, enabling developers to access high-quality data to build high-performance dapps.

With this infrastructure in place, zkSync is on track to become the cheapest rollup for oracle updates.https://pbs.twimg.com/media/GBLAnFAXgAAxYHl?format=jpg&name=4096x4096
Feeling that Year of the Dragon energy 🔥🐉

New dapps, tools, and use-cases are launching on zkSync every day, and there’s no slowing down in the year ahead. Let’s dive into the latest news from projects building on zkSync ⬇️https://twitter.com/zksync/status/1743320322877640847
See what else is happening on zkSync Era: https://zksync.dappradar.com

This roundup is for informational purposes only and doesn’t reflect a recommendation, endorsement, sponsorship or partnership.
Stay safu and always DYOR 🔬
Sharing the first draft of The ZK Credo — a declaration of the foundational principles for the emerging ZK-powered Internet of Value.

v1 is now live on GitHub for community discussion and feedback from the Credo's rightful owner: You!
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