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Turns out structuring a religion around God ordained racism and an Authority figure that instructs its followers to cleanse the land aka genocide, claiming he chose them to have it, creates a population of demonic psychopaths who run around bulldozing homes, starving people to death and or bombing and shooting entire families.

Judaism is a barbaric superstition rooted in a racist and genocidal deity they invented spawned from their own greed. If such a god was real then it is the Devil in disguise.
WATCH: How the Zionist agents manipulate US legislation and influence US politicians

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cheney and bush testified together and i think they came up with the most face saving thing to say. Either Mineta is wrong about which flight it was or Cheney is lying. Either way they contradict each other.
The Devil (Jewish God) did not want man to have free will and punished you with a a curse for obtaining it by eating from the tree of knowledge of good and evil.
And where was this tree rooted? Where did it come from? The Earth, Mother-Earth (God).
What kind of God has a whole book on how to murder and burn animals to its satisfaction?

Demons do blood rituals.
Gods do water rituals.
Jesus attacked the money changers and usury. He called the Pharisees the synagogue of Satan. Instead of murdering people like the Old Testament prophets did, he healed the sick and the blind.

You don't have to believe he was even real. But at least this character exalted human virtues worth having. It's a guide that isn't twisted and demonic like Judaism. it's happened
If you want to know the forbidden knowledge. Follow me this Sunday. This will be ANC members only because 99% any where else will result in being banned.
There are demons watching you. There are demons in complete possession of some people. Netanyahu is a servant Arakiel
Through his lead they plot to commit enough human sacrifice the more innocent the better, to awaken the archdemons who slumber. The slaughter of Palestine burned, buried alive, starved, is a giant demonic ritual. The awakening will beget a world war.
Muhammad was Christ's revenge. Islam has been partly subverted too. But ultimately regardless of belief, (Gods don't need worship, they are egoless) people of good ACTION will destroy these demons.

The Israelites are not Satan's chosen race. They are the race that chose Satan. They are a cancer upon the world. They lie, steal, blameshift, rape, torture, and desecrate, and murder.
The entire Old Testament is the devil in disguise as God. Ignore his words look at his deeds. This is an evil entity
The Jewish God is the Devil.
Gods don't do human sacrifices demons do. They tortured and murdered Jesus. The death ritual with symbolic canabalism where they eat his flesh and drink his blood with idols of his corpse nailed to a cross is an unholy not holy eucharist. Destroying the innocent for atonement of the sinful is the inverse of righteousness.
The destruction of the innocent is coupled with the blood ritual of circumcision where they mutilate babies. Inflicting abuse on your own son is a demonic right of passage.

Jesus called them the children of the Devil. By their fruits (result of their actions) ye shall know them. What are their fruits? Look at Gaza this is every sin ever written and then some.

They want to murder red cows... every ritual involves blood or death. That is not team God.

Esau was the good twin. Jacob was the serial liar, thief and murderer. No loving God floods the world. Moses was a genocidal maniac. Lott was incestuous. Elijah murdered children. These men did not serve God
Go read John 8:44 start there.

The Devil's children switched the places of God and the Devil. They have people unknowingly worshipping demons. All they ever do it lie.

But you know evil by its actions. Goodness is a behavior not a belief.
The path of light is in action not association.

The gnostic Christians were right.
It's religion. The whole concept of a holy land is religious the justification for Jews "returning" is from religion and the support Israelis get from American Christians is religious. The settlers are religious and think God gave them the land. And the jewish racial concept is from religion. Jews wouldn't exist without it.

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