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New documentary out now
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An Inconvenient Religion documentary coming soon…
The Importance of Prayer: The Article:
Buddhism is one of the fastest-growing religions in the United States, with many in agreement with its major principles of reducing suffering, being present in life, and letting go of attachment. But that’s not the whole picture. This article pulls back the curtain on the nicely packaged beliefs and examines the core of Buddhism, which is death worship.

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NEW VIDEO: Spiritual Warfare. This video discusses the reality of the dark realm and how every Christian can have victory over it through faith in Jesus Christ!

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In a world fraught with challenges, both seen and unseen, the concept of spiritual warfare has become increasingly relevant. My new article delves into the realities of spiritual warfare, offering a comprehensive guide to understanding, identifying, and ultimately triumphing over the forces that seek to hinder our spiritual growth through the power of Jesus Christ.

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Just in case you missed it, check out my article about Israel & Hamas and what might be going on behind the scenes.

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Meet the man who had a hand in shaping the minds of millions and shifting the collective mindset from citizen to consumer through PR domination and covert manipulation in my new video: “The Legacy of Edward Bernays in Under 20 Minutes”.

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From breakfast to fluoride, the lasting legacy of Edward Bernays and his “engineering of consent” is vital to understanding the consumerist landscape of the 21st century.

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🔍Are you curious about the true origins of The Theory of Evolution?

Check out my NEW video that reveals the mystical origins of Darwinism, and the ‘missing link’ between its creators and their devout occult religious beliefs.🌌🔬📜🧙‍♂️🔮

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🔍Stay tuned for a documentary that will unravel the lesser-known history that shaped the foundations of modern science, and the world.

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"From Desperation to Hope - A Survivor's Experience" is out now! This triumphant story is a testament to the unwavering faith and strength that is possible through the grace of God.

Don't miss out on this powerful interview with Amy Pfeffer!

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The final article in this series about The Great Inversion is out now! An in-depth look at the occult origins of the dark and false ‘light’ are explored and why it matters:
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This article highlights a handful of examples predating the Q movement that promote the very same ideology found within The Great Awakening. What seems to be new and organic is actually a rebranded continuation of pagan Mystery traditions.

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81 countries meet to back their currencies with gold, and the Durham Report is discussed in this short article outlining a couple of events progressing The Great Inversion. More to come!
This article highlights additional bank instability, the BRICS countries developing their own currency, and the possibility of a worldwide power shift ushered in under the guise of nuclear warfare.

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No doubt you’ve noticed a lot going on these days.
My new article touches on a few of these events such as the banking instability and geopolitical realignments. Check it out below!
Would you know if you’ve been recruited into a mind control operation? 👀

My new video “Ghosts in the Meme” breaks down the subtext of the ominous messages hidden within the Army’s PSYOP division’s recruitment video.

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Government agencies have carried out countless behavioral and mind control operations, this new article focuses on MK-ULTRA, the project that fundamentally changed the world, and what became of it.

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