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Hi! I’m Braeburned, this channel is where I post art (and maybe essential updates like store openings, con table information, etc)


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Another Quick Draw.
From just the tip?? They don't call him quick for nothin'!

(you can my art early on patreon as always, and also on my new subscribestar!)
aw shucks, this ol' thing? 🐴💦
Listen, sometimes you just go overboard with your warm-ups doodles and end up with a whole bunch of Quickdraw McGraw porn. it happens!

(up on my patreon as always, and also on my new subscribestar!)
Back in dealers den today! Probably won't sell tomorrow, so if you wanted to grab something from me at LVFC, make sure to do it today!
All set up in the LVFC dealers den!
(they'll be available online afterwards, and at future cons as well!)
ah, hello traveler! might i interest you in this funny little creature?

i'll have these Olli plushes (a collab with @/BuildAFur !) available at my vendor table at LVFC this weekend!
They may have reached an understanding, but Death can't help checking in to ensure The Legend is living his last life well (and get his knot wet while he's at it).

An overdue patreon sketch request! Hopefully not too late to the party, lol.
(you can see my art early on !)
march schedule!
Some quality home-alone time with a wireless toy is interrupted early, and whoever's in control of that plug picked a hell of a time to crank it up. 

Sketch comm for Luvdiz!
(You can see my art early on !)
"you still comin to the park today?? we caught Raffy gettin rawed behind the halfpipe and now the whole crew's gettin free hole lmao"

Sketch comm of some stealthy skater sloppy for CaptnLeo!
(you can see my art early on !)
Bluesky no longer needs an invite to join, so here's another reminder that you can find me there as well, at @/ ! Been trying to get better about remembering to post "now streaming!" links there lol
How kind of him to share with his other dragon pals! Time to put that infamous kobold stretchy-ness to the test.

Sketch comm for Tim!
(you can see my work early and more on !)
I've finally managed to bring enough stuff to not sell out immediately! Lol
Still in the ANE dealers den today, though I still might skip vending on Sunday so I can spend more time fursuiting. If you wanna grab something, today's the day!
609 door is all set up in the upstairs ANE photo room for a few hours! Come get photos with Olli!
609 door is all set up in the upstairs ANE photo room for a few hours! Come get photos with Olli!
Phew, now I'm all set up in the ANE dealers den! Will be here all day Friday and Saturday at the very least, stop on by!
All set up in the FC dealers den, table #6!
I'll be selling at FC this week, table #6! Seeya there!!
okay i wanna get better about posting these, so here's january's schedule!

ALSO WHOA Thanks so much for 15k subscribers on this channel!

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