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Sounds like Telegram is locking down the large accounts.

"You can't really delete this channel without our express permission."

This is suspicious af.
Oh crap....
Went on Bannon's War Room to combat the latest lies from the election fraudsters. #AZSOS#AZGov#JustFollowTheLaw
People big mad Candace started the convo about how Floyd died again
Kash thinks AG Garland and the DOJ are blocking John Durham from bringing more indictments. However, he suggests that after we win the midterms, Durham could deliver bombshell testimony on Capitol Hill:

“Hopefully John Durham has more prosecutions, but if he doesn’t, then it’s going to be a bombshell testimony scene the day he shows up at the Hill and explains to the American public WHY he didn’t prosecute the government gangsters at the FBI and DOJ.” 👀

Get your popcorn ready 🍿🍿🍿
👆👆👆Massive and obvious narrative flip coming that even the sheep will balk at accepting after November 8.

After 2 straight years of crowing that US elections are safe and secure, and that the 2020 election was the most safe and secure in US history....

After the Democrats and the RINOs and the cabal get their asses historically WIPED OUT in these midterm elections...

guess what they're gonna do?

They're all gonna say there was no freaking way they lost that badly.


What will make this cognitive dissonance even more awkward and cause gears to lock up in the sheep's heads is that they're going to acknowledge as a last resort there has been massive interference in our elections coming out of China but....BUT...the foreign interference is being done to HELP GOP TRUMP AMERICA FIRST CANDIDATES.

You heard it here first.

Screenshot this.
All of a sudden WaPo and the FBI care about Chinese government hackers threatening our elections

Chinese government hackers are scanning U.S. political party domains ahead of next month’s midterm elections, looking for vulnerable systems as a potential precursor to hacking operations, and the FBI is making a big push to alert potential victims to batten down the hatches.”

Free version without paywall:
Starts now!
🔥 Baseless Conspiracies - McCain in the Membraine🔥

Music starts at 10:15 PM EST
Show starts at 10:30 PM EST

Join Jon and Zak as they discuss the topics that the MSM labels us as baseless conspiracy theorists for. In this episode we will cover John McCain.
The literal face of the J6 Committee is a neocon witch with no future in Congress who lost her last race by 35 pts in an epic wipeout.

Maybe it's not smart to cast your entire political identity on top of someone who -- aside from that trivial matter of cheering literal war crimes for 2 decades -- was just booted out of Congress by her own constituents by a humiliating 35-point loss? OMG! The 1/6 Committee!!
Election Software CEO Arrested, Given $500K Bond Over ‘Massive Data Breach’ Case: Los Angeles DA

21 days to the election and some forces are working overtime to try to undermine the same people who exposed #TheChineseConnection.

Gregg Phillips is not a criminal and you need to get that shit out of my chat.
Part 4 of the danchenko trial transcript review is live. I haven’t seen any other analysis quite like this 👇
Saw some people posting links to a Badlands Media telegram channel. That one was a fake. We just set ours up today. Here is the official one. Any others are not run by us or affiliated in any way.
Ukraine: eff off Elon! We want our independence! We've been our own country since....1991

Elon Musk: I can't afford your internet

Deep State: Buy Twitter and run our propaganda machine and we will pay you for Ukraine's internet

Elon Musk:. I'm still not doing population control

Deep State: yeah, yeah, whatever

Elon: we can go to Mars

Deep State: deal

Kanye: Ye

Deep thoughts by Pepe Deluxe

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