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'What NASA & The Illuminati Are Hiding From Us!' 👀 TONIGHT @ 9 ET on The Lil' Talk Show w/Brad on CUE, Rumble, & Locals!
TONIGHT @ 9 ET - “Eclipse, Trump, No Compromise!” on CUE, Rumble, & Locals 🔥
I had every intention of going ‘live’ tonight. Unfortunately, I’ve been sick in the bed all day long and I never get sick. I’ll do my best to be back tomorrow night. Pls say a prayer for me. 🙏
Biden tries to replace "Resurrection Day" by declaring today as 'Transgender Day of Visibility'. 😡 This is the most evil satanic govt. we've ever had and I don't care what you "say". If you made the choice to support this admin., you are on the side of evil and are an enemy of the Lord Jesus Christ! #YeahISaidIt💯
Down The Rabbit Hole Pt. 2 NOW on CUE, Rumble, & Locals!!! 😲🇺🇸❤️
“Down The Rabbit Hole!” TONIGHT @ 9:30 ET! Uhh … ya might wanna be here for this one! 😲 On CUE, Rumble, & Locals! 🔥🔥🔥
Gotta love how the media keeps parroting we're at 3% inflation. 🙄 Perfect example of how inflation is used to steal wealth from the people!!
CUE Zoom Wed. night @ 8pm ET! 🧨💥💰 Go to and click 'join' - Mtg ID - 358-022-9511 - Password spelled EXACTLY as seen here: BigDogs See ya there🔥🔥
SURPRISE‼️ Special Short & Sweet ‘LATE SHOW w/Brad’ @ 10 ET TONIGHT! Will definitely be an eye opener! 👀
Friends, I sincerely apologize but I am just not in a position to do the podcast tonight like I had planned. It's been a crazy insane week here at the Barton household and I am just physically and mentally worn thin ... 🤤 Next episode coming soon! 💯
Just a friendly reminder that I'm going to be presenting "THE BEST OPPORTUNITY IN 🇺🇸 TODAY" @ 8pm ET TONIGHT via Zoom! Simply go to and click 'Join' in top right corner. Mtg ID is 358-022-9511. Password MUST be entered EXACTLY as seen here: BigDogs See ya there! 😎
TONIGHT'S Lil' Talk Show will be one of THE most important and most revealing shows of ALL TIME! I can't express to you how important it is, as an American, to see this! 🇺🇸 9pm ET (CUE, Rumble, & Locals) Pls spread this like wildfire! 🔥🇺🇸🔥
CUE Zoom @ 7:30pm ET tonight. Zoom info pinned at top of my Facebook page!
THIS Week's Schedule: BOOM🇺🇸
Talk Show on Tues. @ 9pm ET & Fri. @ 8pm ET! All usual locales!
CUE Zoom on Tues. @ 7:30pm ET & Thurs. @ 8pm ET!
Zoom Info: Go to and click 'Join' in top right corner. Mtg ID is 358-022-9511. Password MUST be entered EXACTLY as seen here: BigDogs
ATTENTION EVERYONE Pls be patient as the site is up. The door to get in is just too small for the crowd all at once. 🤪 They're finding a LOT BIGGER DOOR as we speak so just keep checking back! Again, the link is See ya there! 😎
Link to video tonight:
WOW! 😲 That was one craaaazy show tonight! 🤪🧠😜#mindcontrol
'MIND CONTROL'😳 9 ET Tonight on the show w/Brad!! I'd be willing to say that 99% of people have NEVER heard of this! 😲 This is one you DO NOT WANT TO MISS! 🔥🔥On CUE, Rumble, & Locals 🎯😉💯 &
The best, most simple, common sense no risk no brainer to make extra income in all of history - TONIGHT 8pm ET in Brad's Zoom Room Anyone .... and I do mean ANYONE can be successful here! 💯 ONLY holds first 500 in the room so I’d be early! 😉 Zoom Info as follows: 1. Get on the internet and go to and in the top right corner click on 'Join'. IF using your cell phone or possibly iPad, go to your app store & download the FREE Zoom app. & [ya might not wanna wait till the last minute to practice it.] 😉
2. It will then ask for Mtg ID. Type in: 358-022-9511
3. Password has to be spelled EXACTLY AS WRITTEN HERE: BigDogs
Don't miss The Lil' Talk Show 'LIVE' w/Brad TONIGHT at 9 ET on CUE, Locals & Rumble &✝️🇺🇸🔥

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