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Patriotic Weekly Review is LIVE with special guest Warren Balogh.
- Candace Owens VS Rabbi Schumley
- Candace SACKED
- Israelis stopped at UK border – Conservatives MELT DOWN
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All passengers, this is a public service announcement: we would like to inform you that your train journey has just been culturally enriched. Please note, all complaints about this incident will be treated as hate crimes and could result in you being banned from this service in the future.
The Pakistani flag has been hoisted above Westminster Abbey. What an absolutely scandalous affront to our people and to the church.
This is what it looks like to be under occupation!
Take a moment to read this.
Then imagine that this all took place in an Islamic community or a Catholic community - everyone would know about it. However, I doubt this will ever be a major news story, I wonder why?
They will keep bringing in more and more until there isn't any green space left.
Patriotic Weekly Review is LIVE at 7pm UK time (3pm EST) with special guest Warren Balogh.
- Candace Owens VS Rabbi Schumley
- Candace SACKED
- Israelis stopped at UK border – Conservatives MELT DOWN
You can find tonight's episode of PWR LIVE on:
The ship which just destroyed the The Francis Scott Key Bridge in Maryland was crewed entirely by Indians.

The ship which blocked the Suez Canal was crewed entirely by Indians.

Costa Concordia was mainly manned by non-Whites and ran aground, in part, because the Filipino helmsman could not speak English or understand orders.

Western societies suffer continual loses of life, and major economic blows, at the hands of a neoliberal ruling class which insists on the use of foreign labor and foreign firms.

Many major Western nations, such as the United States, have no major domestic shipping capacity as globalism has concentrated the industry in the several countries willing to subsidize and support the industry.

National, and civilizational, self reliance is necessary to prevent the kinds of continual death and destruction unreliable foreign labor visits on the West.

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Ironbridge Shropshire.
The media have spent the last few years praising men who have gone abroad to fight for either Ukraine or Israel. Now the same media is calling for British men to be jailed for going abroad and fighting for foreign governments. The selective outrage is hilarious.
Q. When does the controlled opposition who are supposed to be anti-immigration get annoyed with border control for actually doing their job?
A. When the migrants are Israelis!
Creative Theme: The White Man's Burden
Hosted by: Patri.Art & Donald Kent

Tune in to Patriotic Art Live @ 6pm! We'll be discussing some alternate perspectives for The White Man's Burden and the effects of Colonialism... All while doing some EPIC Artwork :)
This is correct. Living standards across Europe have decreased, so if we want to maintain our decreasing standards then immigration is indeed an absolute necessity.

And yes, she is Jewish.
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WARSTRIKE Episode 17: Dr. Thomas Dalton on Jews & Democracy



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I would like to see the ethnic make up of the victims.
Communist/Terrorist stickers even have scan codes, yet the state can't seem to stop them? Illegal flyposting is a crime in itself, so why are the unions and their accomplices so free to vandalise Britain. With @ChelseaDan5
London’s Fourth Plinth To Get Fat Black “Everywoman” Statue

‘Art’ as a weapon.

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🇮🇪 WOW!! Two government ministers just admitted the Irish hate speech bill is dead in the water.

Sinn Féin also recently flipped their stance on the bill, coming out against it. People power has prevailed.

A year ago when Elon Musk, Trump jr. and others responded to my post highlighting the draconian nature of the bill, which reached over 12 million people on X, it was being passed without any debate or opposition.

That international attention sparked a lot of public interest and debate, and in the months since there has been a big public campaign to save free speech in Ireland, with senators reporting record numbers of letters and emails from constituents demanding they scrap the bill.

With the recent surprise result in the referendum, it looks like the government is backing down on what they've realised is a deeply unpopular piece of legislation.

This really is a huge victory for populists and everyone concerned about free speech in Ireland. Well done.
The media are upset because of a ceasefire - the mask off moments just keep coming.
This what the Conservative REALLY stand for! If party political broadcasts were truthful, this would be the result!

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