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Ben Shapiro in a Panic - Joe Rogan is Getting Involved Now! - Daily Wire Debacle Getting Worse! WATCH:
More Problems for Ben Shapiro and The Daily Wire! WATCH:
Jim Gaffigan when presenting at the Golden Globe awards Sunday night: “This is so exciting for me….the Golden Globes. I mean, I can’t even believe I’m in the entertainment industry. I can’t. It’s so unlikely. I’m from a small town in Indiana. I’m not a pedophile. Ya know.…” 😂
Tucker Carlson vs Ben Shapiro - Neocons are Fuming After Tucker Said This About Little Ben - VIDEO:
A crazed black man stabbed two White teenagers on Christmas Day while they were eating at Grand Station in NYC and was mumbling about how he wanted to kill all White people.

The story has been buried and aside from a few articles online, it will never be mentioned again.

This is what happens when the mainstream media ecosystem constantly demonizes White people and blames them for all the problems in black people's lives. It incites mentally ill lunatics to engage in violence against Whites.

Antiwhiteism must be loudly and aggressively denounced every time it rears its ugly head, and we should have a ZERO tolerance policy for black fragility and other anti-white conspiracy theories that use White people as scapegoats for the personal problems and shortcomings of others.

There's a whole chapter on Antiwhiteism in my new book, The War on Conservatives. Order it from Amazon if you haven't read it yet.
Only Christianphobes say “happy holidays” instead of Merry Christmas.
The War on Christmas 2023 is a lot hotter than you can imagine. Here's the latest. WATCH:
"Hello, Barnes & Noble, how many I help you?"

"Can you check to see if you have a book in stock?"

"Sure. What's the title?"
Netflix hit cartoon for toddlers called CoComelon Lane features two interracial sodomites raising a kid who they put in a tutu and have dance around for their pleasure. Call them here: 844- 505-2993.
As the media flips out over Elon Musk restoring Alex Jones account, it's important to point out to everyone the REAL reason Alex was banned from Twitter in the first place back in 2018.
And contrary to popular belief it was NOT because he entertained some conspiracy theories about Sandy Hook, as crazy as they were.

Twitter specifically cited the Oliver Darcy confrontation, who is a public figure (working for CNN), which took place on public property, while Darcy was working in the capacity of a reporter at the time, outside a congressional hearing about censorship on social media.

They claimed it was "harassment" because he told him off for working to get him banned off all the other platforms. The irony is too thick to even describe. Twitter held out after he was unpersoned by YouTube and Facebook, but then after he humiliated the CNN clown, that was cited as the reason for the ban by Twitter's Trust and Safety account.

People should watch Tucker Carlson's interview with Alex Jones to see the real Alex, not just his flaws and mistakes that the media spent years amplifying and trying to make his identity.
He is a genius, but like most geniuses, it's counterbalanced by equal sized flaws.

But he was banned for bogus reasons in order to silence him, not because of a whacky conspiracy theory from years earlier he entertained, but because when he's firing on all cylinders and on point, he's a wrecking ball to the corrupt political establishment and was revealing too much about how the power structures work. Period.

(When I posted this on Twitter / X, Elon Musk himself replied with one word: Accurate.)
I'll have a full assessment of the media freakout tomorrow on my YouTube channel.
The Media Tells the TRUTH For Once! (With a Little Help from the Magic of Editing) 😂
Can you guys please tell this clown Brian Stelter that my new book crushed his, and I'm just a guy in my kitchen on a laptop and fill his feed with this image by replying to this new tweet of his. Thanks.
Who had Ben Shapiro trying to cancel Candace Owens on their 2023 bingo card? WATCH:
Candace Owens Fired from the Daily Wire? What She's Saying Has Put Her Entire Career in Jeopardy. WATCH:
Brian Stelter's new book about Fox News, titled "A Network of Lies" has failed to break into the Amazon top 100 bestseller's list, despite blanket coverage and praise yesterday upon its release.

CNN even welcomed him back in studio to promote it. It reached 133 at it's peak yesterday, and is now dropping. A complete failure for a (former) cable news host!

The New York Times will still likely include him on their list this weekend of supposed "bestsellers" because their list is not an accurate list like Amazon's ranking, and is just a recommended or favorites list that's called a "bestseller" list.

In other news, my new book The War on Conservatives hit number 4 on Amazon's bestseller list when it was released last week. And I'm just a guy in my kitchen on a laptop! haha!

Order it now if you haven't. I know you'll be pleasantly surprised. Behind the jokes, the sarcasm, and the Brian Stelter voice overs, I'm a very serious guy!

Order it here:
Talking with Alex Jones yesterday. I very rarely do interviews, but I make an exception for Alex Jones once a year, and have been an annual guest on his show for 18 years now. First appearance in 2005.
The New York Times never includes any of my books on their "bestseller" list, even though they're always in the top 5 in the country the week they're released in terms of sales, because it's not an accurate list like Amazon's is.

It's widely known in the industry that the New York Times list is a favorites list of the editors, and not an actual list of the bestsellers of any given week.

But what else should we expect from a fake news paper, other than a fake bestseller list.

They're not going to "award" me the prestigious title of a "New York Times best selling author" because I'm not in the club. Not their club, and not Conservative Inc.'s club either. I'm just a guy in my kitchen on a laptop.

Order The War on Conservatives here if you haven't and keep it at the top of Amazon's list. I know you'll be quite surprised when you read it. Behind the sarcasm and the trolling, I'm actually a very serious person. (Seriously!)

Order it here if you haven’t:
Not to brag, but my new book has topped Ted Cruz's on Amazon's bestseller list, who also released one yesterday...

This, despite him doing the entire conservative media circuit from Fox News to the brand name podcasts and getting praising reviews written up in numerous online publications…

And tweets plugging his book from the usual social media circle jerk of "influencers."

Not to disrespect him or denigrate his book (that a ghost writer undoubtedly wrote for him, and then he slapped his name on it as if it were "his.") I'm sure it contains valuable information and is probably pretty good.

But this just shows oftentimes what actually IS popular, is not always what the mainstream conservative media ecosystem portrays as popular.

Big thanks again to all my fans for making this possible. While we didn't hit number one (yet?), reaching number #4 on launch day yesterday is still a very satisfying victory.

And I hope everyone reads it, and I know people will be quite surprised if they do when they find that the "class clown" of conservative media isn't always clowning around.

I won't be included on the New York Times bestseller list. There's no way they'll "award" me with that "prestigious" title. Their list is a favorites list, not a bestseller list, but that's a whole other topic!

Thanks again everyone!

Order it here if you haven’t:
Oh wait, what’s this? Just a little old YouTuber on the Amazon bestseller list despite getting zero reviews from the media, doing zero interviews to promote it, and not being part of the Conservative Inc. social media circIe jerk. 😆

Big thanks to all my amazing fans! You’re the best!

Order it here if you haven’t:

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