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Lumi AI Android App (formerly VIC) v2.0.0 in Early Access

A friendly AI sidekick with a human-like personality.

- File Upload and Analysis
- Web Search
- Local Chat Storage
- Custom Instructions
- Changeable Conversational Style
- Enhanced Context Retention
- Voice Query Input
- Tools

Screenshots:Click here

Download:Click here

- It is okay if you can't afford to pay for early access because the public release will be done sometime later. Early access is just for those who want to support us and get hands-on with Lumi AI earlier.
- This post will be deleted.
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Smartspacer • Customize, integrate, and enjoy!

Smartspacer is a customisable widget for Android, but with a difference: It can upgrade the built in At a Glance on Pixels - without root!

• Drop-in At a Glance replacement, while keeping existing At a Glance functionality
• Upgrades built in At a Glance on the lock & home screens
• Widget compatible with any launcher, showing all At a Glance content
• Extensive plugin system, to pull in data from loads of apps
• Plugin Repository in-app, for easy plugin downloads
• And much more!!

Join Our Channel@modulesrepo
MIUI Gallery Port • For AOSP • Non-Root

-- Miui Gallery app ported for any Non-Miui Roms.

-- Magic Object Eraser
-- Sky Effects
-- MIUI AI Editor
-- Device Frame Xioami 13
-- All Flagship Editing Features

-- Download the editor apk & install it.
-- Download the gallery apk & install it.
-- Open Gallery app & make sure to give all permissions.


Join Our Channel@modulesrepo
VIC - Versatile Intelligent Chatbot • Your Personalized AI Companion

• VIC - Versatile Intelligent Chatbot, an AI-powered personal assistant that caters to your every need. With dynamic personas and a changeable conversation style, this companion adapts to your preferences for a customized experience. Stay connected with real-time information at your fingertips. Our companion provides up-to-date news, weather updates, and more, keeping you informed and empowered. Experience the convenience of a versatile conversational partner who understands your unique requirements. Whether for a friendly chat or assistance with tasks, our companion is always ready to help. Unlock a world of possibilities with our personalized conversational companion.

• Android 8.1+

• Download & install apk.
• Done!

Xpense • Android personal finance management app

Take control of your 💸finances and achieve your financial goals with Xpense, the ultimate personal finance management app. With a range of powerful features and a user-friendly interface, Xpense makes it effortless to manage your money, track your expenses, and gain valuable insights into your financial habits. 💪

Easily track and categorize your expenses and income to gain a clear understanding of where your money is going.
Multiple account types supported (Credit, Debit, wallet, cash and investments)
Track inter-account transactions.
Google drive backup
Gain valuable insights into your spending patterns and financial trends with detailed analysis reports.
Set budgets for different expense categories or time periods to stay on track with your financial goals.
Supports Monet theming, light & dark theme
Next Player • Android Native Video Player

• Next Player is an Android native video player written in Kotlin. It provides a simple and easy-to-use interface for users to play videos on their Android devices.

• Native Android app with simple and easy-to-use interface
• Completely free and open source and without any ads or excessive permissions
• Audio/Subtitle track selection
• Vertical swipe to change brightness (left) / volume (right)
• Horizontal swipe to seek through video
• Material You support
• Media picker with folder and file view
• Control playback speed

• Check supported formats, screenshots & other info by Clicking Here.

Credits anilbeesetti
Launcher3Customizer • LSPosed Module

• Utility to customise launchers based on launcher3.

• Change icon packs
• Change label for app icons as you want
• Customized icon touch effect
• Adaptive icon supported
• Able to hide icon text on workspace
• Able to hide icon text on apps drawer
• Able to change icon size
• Able to change icon text size
• Able to change icon text drawable padding
• Change color of notification dots
• Show notification count on badges
• Hide SpringLoaded background
• Hide useless Qsb on first screen
• Center opened folder
• Manage privacy apps
• More!

• LSPosed Installed

• Download & install apk
• Enable in LSPosed's modules section
• Make sure your launcher & system framework is ticked in module's settings
• Reboot device
• Open the app and make changes

REI Theme Engine • Build & Enable Your Favourite Clocks

• REI(aka WaifuClock) is one of the (Minimal/Japanese/Anime/Manga) related Theme Engine . It gives an art elegant experience to your Lockscreen & Header Clocks. It also comes with inbuilt wallpapers, previews etc.

• Android 11+
• Device rooted by Magisk

Instructions Click Here

Credits @weebo_setup
Quick Opener Add-On • For Pixel Launcher

An add-on for Pixel Launcher running on Android 13 QPR2. This add-on enables a quick launch feature on pixel launcher's searchbar.

• Android 13 QPR2 AOSP-based ROMs
• Stock or Modified(PLE) Pixel Launcher

• Flash in magisk
• Reboot device
• Check for the feature. If the feature doesn't appear then force stop launcher once.
Customized Gestural Navbar • Android 12+

This module allows you to customize the gesture navigation bar by increasing its thickness and width, and changing its color to match the theme’s accent color. You can select which mods to apply during the installation process.

• Colored Navbar: Change the color of the navigation gesture to match the accent colour
• Wide Navbar: Change the width of the navigation gesture
• Thick Navbar: Change the thickness of the navigation gesture

Credits GitHub Link

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