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How did Q The Storm Rider really know how these events would happen and unfold? WOW ๐Ÿ”ฅ
Trump & Elon Musk public unite together after 8 years of convert operations. These are COMMS for the deep state to see and let them know the two most powerful people in the western world are working together and nothing can stop what is coming.

TRUMP gives important COMMS:
82% of Americans believe the 2020 elections was rigged
( These are important COMMS that connect to UCMJ _
UCMJ UNIFORM CODE OF MILITARY JUSTICE Article 82 (Soliciting Commission of Offenses) specifies a service member may be subject to prosecution if they:

solicit or advise another person to commit a punishable offense or

solicit or advise another person to commit the offenses of desertion, mutiny, sedition, or misbehavior before an enemy.


These important COMMS; is also DROPS letting people and military know that 82% of the people are awake ( or near) and FULL military operations can continue into 11.3 operations and the deep state planned FULL civil war can not happen<
How did Q The Storm Rider know all these events would happen? 4 years ago.
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