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Members of Ukrainian special operations command coming under intense russian artillery barrage while out on a mission, May 2024, Kharkiv Oblast
Russian Tu-22M3 strategic bomber downed over Stavropol Krai, Russia. Russia claimed engine failure, Ukrainian Military Intelligence claimed they took it down.
Members of UASOF partaking in the most recent Belgorod raids

Credit for the footage goes to Company Group Team: @cgtshop
A one hour BBC produced documentary on soldiers of the 210th Battalion "Berlingo" capturing their 7 week long combat deployment in the forests of Kupyansk.

A 99 man company over the course of the seven weeks suffers a 75% casualty rate, including 10 killed.

English subtitles are available
Ukraine: Enemy in the Woods — BBC Documentary

Follows the 210th Special Battalion "Berlingo" on the frontline of the war against Russia, filmed by the soldiers themselves as they try to defend a vital railway line, the capture of which would enable Russia to mount a direct attack on Ukraine's second largest city Kharkiv. The film examines the lives of the 99-strong military company as they face sustained Russian assaults, presenting a ground-level view of the war through the eyes of the troops fighting it.

Highlights ⬇️

Footage of the Moscow Crocus City Hall massacre.

Footage of the Moscow Crocus City Hall massacre.
12th National Guard Brigade Azov released footage of their work in Kreminna.

Video courtesy of "Special Forces Detachment Pirates" of the 12th NGU Brigade and Mr. Frostovik, a 2022 Mariupol / Azovstal veteran and former POW now back into the ranks of the Azov Brigade.

The units lineage traces back to the original Azov battalion that was subsequently reformed and expanded into a regiment. During the Siege of Mariupol the Regiments both battalions participated in the defense effort. Many of its members were killed, wounded or captured with a small number of its members being airlifted out of Azovstal by ukrainian army aviation, including the Chief of Staff, Bohdan Krotevych callsign Tavr.

With subsequent releases of Mariupol POWs and the Azov Regiment leadership, the unit was once again expanded and went from the two battalion strong regiment to a 6 infantry battalions strong brigade, still part of the National Guard as before.

Many of original Azov veterans have rejoined the ranks of the brigade.
Highly graphic.

Yet another Rybar released video of Russian KSSO (their equivalent of JSOC) footage. FPV, Lancet, Shahed use in it alongside Senezh and possibly Kubinka-2 combat footage.
Newly released russian KSSO (Senezh unit) video, mostly recycled footage but some is released for the first time, it all appears to be in the same general place and timeframe as the last released video. Sumy / Chernihiv / Kharkiv oblast border areas, summer 2022 / 2023 (maybe)
Russia has lost another A50 AWACS aircraft, second of its kind to be lost in the war so far.
Russia has lost another A50 AWACS aircraft, second of its kind to be lost in the war so far.
Ukrainian 73rd Maritime Special Operations Center discovered a mobile drone launcher with extra containers on the left bank of the Dnipro river and directed a HIMARS strike on it resulting in the subsequent destruction of the mobile platform.
3rd Assault Brigade nighttime raid in Avdiivka supported by a Bradley of the 47th Mechanized Brigade
Footage of an Ukrainian M2A2 ODS-SA Bradley conducting equipment denial.

The video depicts the Bradley destroying Ukrainian Leopard 2A6 and M2A2 ODS-SA Bradley which were damaged during the fights for Avdiivka and Stepove. Being unable to recover the damaged equipment from the grey zone, they decided to destroy them to prevent the Russians from having any use of the equipment in case of its possible capture.
Russian Armed Forces soldier seen executing two ukrainian POWs

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