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Gang warfare in Brazil
Canada. Shocking CCTV footage captures brazen early morning shooting in White Rock, as attackers use automatic weapons on a car in residential area. Four male victims left in serious condition.
Moped crashed and not bus as women was getting over causing her injury 🔞

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~Robbery Gone Wrong~
~Nailed From Behind~
(Cop was close by....and he stopped to write him a ticket for litering)
Psycho Attacks Cancun Cop, Dies:
A municipal police officer in Cancún was injured in the hand when he confronted a man armed with a machete, who attacked him when he went to respond to a report of family violence. The aggressor, identified as Luis Enrique N, died from the shots that the uniformed officer fired at him in self-defense.
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Contract killing 🔞
Bus driver did not want to pay the toll 🔞

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Massive explosion 💥
grabbed the exposed wire and died 😰
bus driver just drove 🔞
Hitman 🔞
Angry bull
Massive attack💀

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Shot her boyfriend🔞
Don’t play with alligators friends

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