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Award-winning investigative journalist. Not a fan of tyranny or child trafficking/pedophilia/Big Tech/political operatives or dishonest media.


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Katie Hobbs and Garland Already Trying to Rig the Election in Arizona
The truth naturally leads to questions they do not want you to ask. That’s why they are attacking me so hard.
The Baltimore Bridge Collapse Is Even More Devastating Than It Seems - It's an 'Economic Nuke Strike'
This is what you call death by a thousand cuts. It's an absolutely catastrophic impact on critical infrastructure and you cannot see it because a cyberattack is unseen, just like the attack on 2020 on the voting machines that you cannot see.
The omnibus spending bill is funding every NGO that is keeping the border open, every group that is involved in stealing the election and they are funding the protestors that will create violence needed to shut down the election - ie: you are funding your own demise.

Well done Johnson and every Republican who voted for this. We know why the Dems did - but you pretend to be something you are not.
If you’re a journalist who still maintains the 2020 election was not stolen, then you have failed to do your due diligence & actually investigate. It should have nothing to do w who you vote for - when you look at the plethora of evidence from Maracopa to Michigan & beyond, any decent, honest person would report the truth.
This is how it works in Mexico…
Mexico's president says he won't fight drug cartels on US orders
Trump is potentially a life raft - but that is a lot to gamble on one man and if it fails, this nation loses everything.
This can’t be good.
Illegal. Unconstitutional. DOJ Launches National ‘Resource Center’ To Aid Authorities In Taking Firearms From People Deemed ‘Threat To Themselves Or Others’
The CIA does not find bombs - they place them. They have no jurisdiction here and the ATF knows that.

CIA played key Jan. 6 roles, texts reveal
Ruby Franke child abuse case: Videos show son asking for help, police response
We MUST never Raise the Age of Retirement for Social Security—Direct Hit on Blue Collar Workers
This Is New Drone Footage Taken From The Floyd Bennet Field Illegal Migrant Camp, Marine Park, Brooklyn, New York City

If not for citizen journalists you’d have no idea how massive these illegal immigrants centers are.

This is The Great Replacement
Financial Update with Lara Logan and Dr. Kirk Elliott
Shame on all these people. Man Inside Capitol on Jan. 6 for 3 Minutes Convicted by Jury
Letitia James has begun the process of seizing Donald Trump's property. Her office has filed with Westchester County where the Trump National Golf Club and Seven Springs Estate are located

This is an important reminder that the bank Trump supposedly defrauded testified in support of him. This is the first time this statute has ever been used in this way in the state. This is a sham and Trump deserves reparations for all the damages he has suffered

Hopefully appellate judges in New York intervene ASAP
Update, Kaylee Gain still hasn't regained consciousness nearly two weeks later, and they're already trying to turn the tables.

Does Maurnice look like the victim?
NEW - More than 500 migrants have crossed the English Channel on Wednesday, the highest number in one day so far this year.

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