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🇨🇳China's 🇺🇸 U.S. Treasury holdings have fallen to their lowest level in 15 years 📉📉
💳New Visa dashboard shows that Solana💰 has significantly more stablecoin transactions than any other blockchain.
Bitcoin Update:
Perfectly followed our prediction by rejecting off of the horizontal level of rectangle, expecting to see a continuation to the downside, with some consolidation.
After going for a large PUMP because of listing or news, went down strongly after it, meanwhile the 0.618 Fibonacci retracement failed to hold, expecting to see a continuation to the downside, and a consolidation. End of hype, low cap, panick selling.
Currently forming a falling wedge pattern, been on a downtrend for more than just a couple of months, expecting the breakout to form a large correction to the upside. $17 is the first bottom.
💰The first satoshi of #Bitcoin's fourth halving block just auctioned off for 33.3 BTC worth over $2.1 million
Forming descending triangle, currently retesting horizontal level of support and the area of liquidity that will help us breaking from above. soon, could start filling spot positions here.
Coin #3: $MUMUUSDT #4h
Currently forming a rounding bottom pattern, we have a major resistance above of us around 0.0002600 which we are currently approaching, should be expecting a small rejection once we reach it the first time because it's super strong, but if we manage to break from above of it. Mumu has potential of more than x2 profits. Good low cap trendy coin.
Coin #2: $WMTUSDT #Weekly
Broken from above of weekly resistance and rounding bottom pattern neckline, this coin has got the potential to go for x2, our current midterm target in it 0.6, and not expecting it to fall below the support we told you about. Could be a good spot hold from here 🔥
$APUUSDT is going to be the second coin of the challenge, chart unavailable due to low cap.
Coin #1: $GALAUSDT #4h
Currently rejecting off of a major level of resistance (horizontal) expecting to seea continuation until the 0.618 Fibonacci retracement level.
🚀 Top Trending Coins (Today) 1. $GALA 2. $APU 3. $MUMU 4. $WMT 5. $COMAI 6. $TET 7. $HBAR 8. $EZETH 9. $ETH 10. $SOL 11. $BTC 12. $AERO 13. $BONK 14. $TON 15. $WIF
Perfectly followed our prediction by rejecting off of the trend. Expecting to see reversal from this 0.618 Fibonacci retracement, or a bit from below around the order-block.

Success 💪
Im making a challenge, posting charts for all of the trending coins in less than 24 hours.
🚀 Top Trending Coins (Today) 1. $GALA 2. $APU 3. $MUMU 4. $WMT 5. $COMAI 6. $TET 7. $HBAR 8. $EZETH 9. $ETH 10. $SOL 11. $BTC 12. $AERO 13. $BONK 14. $TON 15. $WIF
🚀Top Trending Coins (Today)

1. $GALA
2. $APU
3. $MUMU
4. $WMT
6. $TET
7. $HBAR
9. $ETH
10. $SOL
11. $BTC
12. $AERO
13. $BONK
14. $TON
15. $WIF
Broken from above of this falling wedge, we see a large consolidation, probably this is indicating a large movement to the upside.
💰The number of transactions in the $TON network has increased by more than 100% since mid-March.

TON approaches BNB Chain in terms of the number of transactions per day
🚀Top Trending Coins (Today)

2. ZIG
4. NPC
7. BTC
8. SOL
10. PRCL
11. RNDR
12. INJ
13. SUI
14. PUPS
15. TAO
We have a very strong downtrend that has been formed since couple of weeks ago, right now we are consolidating below it, I believe that we still should dump and see a retest on the 0.618 Fibonacci retracement, there we will be longing, because we see that the bullish momentum is increasing. Be ready for this one too.
$ETH #4h,
ETH is still forming weaker break of structures, and looking bearish on the /BTC chart, here we have a hidden trend, not expecting to see an immediate breakout, and incase that happens, we will long scalp it, and swing short the retest at the top, on the golden resistance.
$BTC 4h,
Since we have broken from below of the ascending triangle, we done three bearish waves, kept on forming breaks of structure to the downside, right now we are retesting the zone of breakout and horizontal level of resistance. We are mostly bearish on this.

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