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TikTok is America's most popular app for young people. It's also controlled by the Chinese Communist Party. Now, Congress is taking bipartisan action to ban it. But is this necessary...or a mistake? ⬇️⬇️⬇️
NEW from Mollie Hemingway:

The ENTIRE Trump case began with an illegal recording

All charges must be dropped immediately!!
You've already heard about Sheldon Johnson, the "criminal justice reform advocate" who appeared on Joe Rogan last month, and who was just arrested for murdering a man and dismembering his corpse. But incredibly, the full story is even worse.

On Rogan's podcast, Innocence Project lawyer Josh Dubin called Sheldon "a miracle" and complained that he was sent to prison for 25 years over "two stitches." In reality, Sheldon was an experienced drug dealer with a prior conviction, who pistol-whipped someone during an armed robbery — an attack that, contrary to the movies, can easily kill or seriously maim a person.

Johnson said that his son "got into a fight with this Chinese guy" who tragically died. In reality, his son viciously attacked a random Columbia grad student, punched him in the face, and chased him into the street where a car killed him. Despite committing murder, his son served less than two years in juvie. A police officer testified he showed no remorse for the killing.

Johnson's father, meanwhile, raped a 7-year-old three times, blaming the fact his wife wouldn't have sex with him due to his drug habit. A judge gave him just five years of probation.

This is the family that Innocence Project trotted out as proof that the justice system is overly punitive and systemically racist.

In fact, it proves the opposite.
Yesterday we posted a video from Cal Poly where a large group of students just organically started singing the National Anthem during our tabling event. I was bombarded with messages about it, so I took a few minutes on the show today to explain what I saw, and the trend I'm seeing on college campuses — especailly with young men. This should give you hope.
'Pathetic!': Laken Riley's mom BLASTS Biden for butchering name of daughter killed by illegal immigrant gang member in SOTU address
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Joe Biden's speech last night wasn't a "State of the Union," as traditionally understood. It was a declaration of war upon half the country… 🚨🚨🚨
what is this?
BREAKING: Lara Trump has been unanimously voted in as new Co-Chair of the RNC.

Congratulations to Lara Trump!
Pro-Hamas activists have borrowed the climate radical strategy of deliberately destroying works of art.

They've obviously made a caclulation that the punishment is worth the PR. We must flip that equation, immediately. People who attack our common heritage like this should be thrown in prison — for life.
RuPaul's Allstora bookstore vows to fight book bans... by banning Abigail Shrier's new book "Bad Therapy," says it goes against RuPaul's core values.

The hypocrisy is stunning, but not surprising.
Democrats are more upset that Joe Biden used the term "illegal" last night than they are that Laken Riley was murdered by one.
March 8th is apparently "International Women's Day." So let's protect women. Real women.

Transgenderism is not a legitimate civil rights issue. There is no "civil right" to be a pervert who gets off on pretending to be a teenaged girl. There is no "civil right" that forces parents to let autogynephilic freaks harass their daughters. There is no "civil right" to have society indulge your delusions or your mental disorder. And there is no "civil right" to a female cellmate if you're a male convicted rapist.

"Misgendering" should never be considered a hate crime or hate speech, because speaking the TRUTH is never a crime. Employers should be free to not hire transgender people if they fear it could damage their office culture — or frighten young children who visit as customers. If a teacher shows up to school in pornographic drag, he should be fired and probably investigated.

That said, Americans are mostly an accepting and polite people. As troubled as they are, we used to let crossdressers (as we more accurately called them then) do their thing without harassment. What we didn't do was pass rules and laws "normalizing" and "celebrating" clearly pathological behavior, then making kids participate and invading women's spaces.

Let's go back to the old way.
REVEALED: Illegal immigrant asylum seeker charged in Laken Riley's murder, 26-year-old Jose Ibarra is a member of the infamous Venezuelan Tren de Aragua gang and was released into US by ICE
Ever notice that job reports are typically “beating expectations” and then buried down somewhere in the report you find out they also “sharply revise downward” the previous month’s report? Almost like it’s an election year or something.
Ever notice that job reports are typically “beating expectations” and then buried down somewhere in the report you find out they also “sharply revise downward” the previous month’s report?

Almost like it’s an election year or something.
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Extraordinarily ironic that conservatives wondered if Joe Biden would say Laken Riley’s name tonight and even when prodded, he was physically unable.
You guys, the Democrats are totally right. Joe Biden is not just some elderly old man with failing memory. He can totally be indicted now.

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