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Do you know Jesus Christ as your personal LORD Savior?
Now would be the time to read The Gospel of John and especially chapter 3.
Any Day Now!
A new series has recently been added to the Real Life Network that will help to deepen
your knowledge and strengthen your faith!
“Ignite Your Life” is a brand-new book from gifted businessman and car enthusiast Barry Meguiar. Barry helps you conduct a spiritual tune-up to get you back on track in the race of life. Order your copy of “Ignite Your Life” by making a gift of any amount to the ministry of Real Life:
God created government. Man created politics.God created government. Man created politics.
Remember that, just like we saw this Easter weekend, the Left is coming for everything we hold near and dear, including the hearts and minds of our children. Don't miss this podcast episode with special guest Karen England (@porninschools ON "X"), who is on the front lines fighting to keep these books out of our school libraries!

Believer, Jesus Christ’s resurrection ensures your glorious future, making today, and every day, a time to rejoice.
Knowing about God is a far cry from knowing God. There is an eternal difference!
Please share this message with your friends and loved ones!
The answer to God’s Law for us, is our Love for Him.
I'm thrilled to announce that I'll be joining Daniel Cohen on a 30-minute special airing Easter Sunday! 🙏 Tune in to 'Jesus in Jerusalem: His Story' as we journey through sites like the Upper Room, Garden of Gethsemane, and more.

Catch the broadcast at 1:30 PM Pacific / 8:30 PM Pacific on Newsmax. Don't miss this powerful program!
What Biblical encouragement can we hold onto to fight back against this wave of darkness and deceit? And what role does Israel play in America’s destiny?
The history and the legacy and the quality and the community of the In-N-Out family are absolutely a Southern California icon. But here’s the reason why they are so excellent at what they do. Everything is for Jesus Christ!

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