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📷 Instander ver. 17.2

The minimum requirements for installation have increased:
— Android 9+ (SDK 28);
— ABIs AArch64 (ARM64-v8a).

— Added Monet theme for Android 12+;
— Added disabling the Monet theme;
— Fixed Feed loading on some devices;
— Fixed Reels download button;
— Fixed Alte & Hoefler New fonts;
— Raised the target SDK to 33;
— Changed app icon on clone version;
— Some translations have been updated, thanks to everyone who helped with the translations.

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Thank you for using the Instander 😘

Happy New Year 2023 🎄
📷Instander ver. 17.1

The minimum requirements for installation have increased:
— Android 9+ (SDK 28);
— ABIs AArch64 (ARM64-v8a).

— Added 60 sec Stories;
— Fixed download button on three dot menu;
— Fixed MobileConfig updater.

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📷📷 Instander ver. 17.0
❗️IMPORTANT! The minimum requirements for installation have increased:
— Android 9+ (SDK 28);
— ABIs AArch64 (ARM64-v8a).

— Migration to Instagram version;
— Update minimum requirements to Android 9+, ARM64-v8a;
— Added Reels scrubber;
— Added a badge when watching a Live;
— Added new fonts to Stories;
— Added new translations: Arabic, Armenian, Belarusian, Dutch, French, German, Hebrew, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Kazakh, Korean, Malayalam, Polish, Spanish, Turkish;
— Fixed "Ґґ, Єє, Іі, Її" in script font;
— Fixed a bugs that depended on me or my intervention.
— Removed Monet theme for SDK 31+ (will be added in next update);
— Removed In-App Lock (Because feature was vulnerabilities that cannot be fixed);
— Removed video scrubber;
— Removed Mark as read;
— Removed Instander Backup Settings;
— Removed Download button in feed (Now the download button is only in the three dots menu);
— Removed message when connecting to the Live in Ghost Mode;
— Removed long-press and triple-press gestures.

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Hello, everyone. It's been a long time since I've posted.

I know a lot of people are waiting for the update. I've been actively doing it for a few weeks now. However, I live in Ukraine where there is a war and because of this progress has slowed down a lot. Apart from that, I have my main job and the Instander is my personal side project. Please wait a little longer and the update will be ready.

On information about the update:
— It will be missing some old features (due to heavy changes in Instagram's code);
— Instander will raise the minimum hardware requirements. (Arm64-v8a & Android 9+);
— The update will be in December 2022. I don't have time this month. In December I was given a vacation at my main job and I will have much more free time and I think I will have time to do everything.

Thank you for your understanding. Love you all 😘 Peace ✌️
Instander ver. 16.0

— Migration to Instagram version;
— Added Monet color scheme support for Android 12+;
— Added Animated Splash for Android 12+;
— Added Themed Icon for Android 13+;
— Added In-App Lock (Beta);
— Added 60 second stories;
— Added Developer Mode decoder (MobileConfig);
— Added new Instander Sans font (Latin, Cyrillic, Thai, Tamil, Persians support);
— Added download button to the three dots menu;
— Added hide "Download feed button";
— Added selective biography in profile;
— Redesigned Instander menu.;
— Redesigned all dialogs;
— Redesigned of all toast messages.;
— Fixed Auto OTA feature. Now the progress dialog is not displayed when you open the application;
— Added Spanish language;
— Reorganization of almost all my code.
Instander ver. 15.4

— Due to the blocking restrictions of some payment systems, they were removed from the list of donations.

Список изменений:
— В связи с ограничениями блокировки некоторых платежных систем, они были удалены из списка пожертвований.
Instander ver. 15.3

— Fixed random crash on Samsung with One UI 4;
— Fixed crash "Mark as read" on some phones;
— Rebuild application using the latest tools.

🇷🇺Список изменений:
— Исправлен случайный сбой на Samsung с One UI 4;
— Исправлена ошибка "Пометить как прочитанное" на некоторых телефонах;
— Пересборка приложения, с использованием новейших инструментов.

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