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Biden’s proclamation of Easter as “Trans Day of Visibility” is clearly a provocation attempt against religious people.

They want specific outbursts so they can continue their division and framing of Christians as a “threat to democracy”.

Be careful of how you react.
Thank Gosh we have "Trans Day of Visibility"

Would have had no idea about the alphabet movement otherwise
Joe Biden declares March 31st (Easter) as "Trans Day of Visibility"

They're just laughing at you at this point

The "God" of some of these Illuminati folk is the transgender Baphomet, so it makes sense they'd work to repurpose holy days from other religions to push theirs
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I’m convinced the downfall of children began when they stopped watching Dragonball Z
Name this band
RFK Jr. Campaign SITREP

On his stances, V.P. pick, and how this will affect the prez vote.
Thank you to Media Matters for featuring me in your latest hit piece on "Right-wing media spreading conspiracy theories about Baltimore bridge collapse" ❤️

How dare I suggest terrorism or the New World Order may have been involved in the ship hitting the Baltimore bridge.
Thank you to the ADL for featuring me in your latest hit piece on "lies about the Moscow terrorist attack" ♥️

How dare I suggest rogue Western intelligence agencies may have been involved.
Just found this neat whiteboard app and figured out how to plug my iPad into OBS and record directly to my computer so they're super quick and easy to make. Might do more of these kind of short video briefs to post on Twitter/Telegram/Truth Social if y'all enjoyed it.
Quick brief on the suspicious happenings of the Baltimore Bridge incident

(playing around with a digital whiteboard - let me know what you think about this style of vid)
🔥P. Diddy On The Run! (Blackmail Ops EXPOSED) + 50 Cent Calls Out Diddy & Jay-Z

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How much you want to bet that Obama’s “surprise” meeting with the U.K. Prime Minister last week involved discussion of the Moscow terrorist attack and Baltimore Port op.

“Hello fellow Globalist, just letting you know what we’re up to over the next couple of weeks”
Trump shitposting on his Instagram account is my favorite thing ever

Baltimore Port is also the largest American port for handling farm machinery and agricultural products by volume.

This was 100% an attack on our food supply and economic stability as a country.
MAGA or Die Tryin’
🔥New Vid:Baltimore Bridge Collapse - Accident Or Attack?

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Diddy's drug mule arrested in Miami

"Miami-Dade Police charged Brendon Paul, 25, of Chagrin Falls, Ohio, with possession of cocaine and suspected marijuana-laced candy at the airport at 4:30 p.m., just before a plane linked to Diddy, whose legal name is Sean Combs, took off for Antigua."
Holy spit now 50 Cent is calling out Jay-Z on Instagram


Make sure you got some good security, homie
Holy spit now 50 Cent is calling out Jay-Z on Instagram


Make sure you got some good security, homie

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